Full immersion NLP training & mindset coaching certification

NLP training with the global leader. Join over 2.5K+ students who went from novice to NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Mindset & Life Strategy Coach in 7 or 16 days.

We offer high-quality international NLP training led by a top trainer in some of the most desirable and breathtaking destinations, as well as in metropolitan business centers worldwide, all without compromising your budget.

The learning environment plays a crucial role in our ability to absorb and experience. Our NLP training and coaching certification programs exclusively occur in private properties with a living-room feel.

We offer live, online, and hybrid training options.

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Global NLP Training invites you to our NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and Mindset Coaching Certification Programs: a life-changing blended learning program with positive psychology and strategic communication.

We offer training courses in the number 1 tool of choice among top celebrity business and life coaches around the world.

This program is for people who want to go “all-in,” join an experiential full immersion training, and enjoy the continuity of completing the course, start to finish in 16 days. You can leverage the brain’s ability to change (Neuroplasticity) this way and the opportunity to make dramatic and lifelong shifts.

Better yet, you will learn how to do the same for someone else.

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What happens when a top-tier trainer no longer wishes to teach in large groups, because she wants to go far beyond just the basics? And offer NLP training in Bali, Amsterdam, Los Angeles & Mexico.

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology focuses on well-being, strength and positive emotions.


Emotional intelligence (EQ) refers to the capacity to recognize, comprehend, regulate, and harness emotions effectively in oneself and other

MBTI & Meta Programs

Speedreading personality type using the MBTI instrument & the Meta Programs (Neuro-Linguistic Programming.)


Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system, which includes the brain.  It draws from various fields such as biology, psychology, chemistry, physics, and computer science.

Meditation & Guided Visualization

Guided visualization using the benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

We are unique to integrate our NLP training with the latest science!

And making this easy, interesting, and fun.


We are the only NLP training and Mindset Coach Certification company in the world to offer personality profiling (MBTI®), Social and Emotional Intelligence training using cutting edge techniques to improve your EQ.

We offer intensive live immersion style seminars of the highest quality, where skill mastery in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and 4 life coaching certifications can be achieved in 7 or 16 day immersion style training formats.

Our lead trainer, Nicole Schneider has over 25 years of experience in the field, working as a coach and trainer with the most challenging clients. She is one of the few trainers with an international reputation, which is extremely rare for a female to achieve.


We offer legitimate certification through the Society of NLP, your diploma will be signed by the co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

We are unique in offering both a 7-day NLP Practitioner class, and the possibility to turn your NLP training into a 16-day unforgettable retreat and go from novice to NLP Master Practitioner and Mindset coach.

What can the tools TAUGHT BE USED FOR?

The tools taught can be used in any area where people communicate, think, feel, and behave.


Scientific studies indicate that learning environments have a significant impact on students' learning outcomes and satisfaction.

The location where you take your NLP training is more relevant than you may realize and will either add or take away from your learning experience or budget. Our classes take place in quiet, private properties near or in nature and culturally rich areas. We offer a living room feel a place where people love to gather, rather than a corporate hotel near an airport or some other soulless destination in a windowless meeting room.


What does NLP mean?
What is an NLP Coach?

What is an NLP coach?

What are the NLP certification levels?

Practitioner certification  – foundation level NLP course.


Master Practitioner certification  – advanced level NLP course – there are large differences in quality and content between schools.

Request our detailed day-by-day course description.

Can I do the Practitioner and Master Practitioner back-to-back?

Yes, most students prefer this, as it is the best NLP training option currently available for those who wish to fully immerse themselves, similar to learning a language abroad or doing a focused master class with a leading expert in the field.

What are the best NLP accreditation bodies?

Only two accreditation bodies are endorsed by the co-creators of NLP: ITANLP and the Society of NLP. These are the best NLP accreditation bodies and the only ones considered legitimate by the co-creators and experts in the field.

Are your certificates legitimate?

The two co-creators of NLP endorse two licensing bodies: ITANLP and the Society of NLP. We certify through the latter. One of the co-creators will sign your certificate.

Are you a real vocational training school, similar to a college?


We are one of the very few NLP training schools worldwide considered to be an official school.


In the European Union, we are officially registered as a vocational training school for short-term education.


For this reason, we do not charge  VAT-tax or BTW-tax. In most cases our classes are tax-deductable.

Can I take time off during the NLP training?

It is very common for our students to need to attend important meetings, events, or auditions. Within reason, we can accommodate, though we may assign homework or request a student to arrange for a volunteer student in class to help them.

Can I do a hybrid live and online solution?

Our NLP training is available live as well as pre-taped online. We can offer options for a hybrid solution between live and online training. The amount of flexibility we can offer depends on the number of hours, what days you will miss, and whether or not you wish to officially certify.

Who is the trainer?

This depends on the location. Our most senior NLP Trainer is Nicole Schneider.

Is it a problem that English is not my first language?

No, we specialize in teaching international groups. Many of our students do not have English as a first language, and neither do our trainers.

Tuition & Fees

Our tuition differs from location to location. You can visit the corresponding location pages (see top menu.)

Or contact us for a world-wide overview.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, contact us.

Do you have scholarships & reduced rates?

We have scholarships for local Balinese people in our Bali training who either work for a foundation or are public school teachers at a local wage.

Is there a reduced rate if I bring more people?

Yes, depending on the course location you can bring a friend for $600 or Euro to the full immersion program.

For other locations contact us, and indicate how many people you wish to bring.


Are your classes tax-deductible?

We are officially registered as a vocational training for short-term education in Europe (EU.)

For this reason, we do not charge VAT-tax or BTW-tax.

For most students, the class is tax-deductible.


Do you offer post-course support?

Visit our post-course support page (coming soon.)

Is there a calendar with all scheduled dates?

Yes, contact us and ask for the live NLP training dates.

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