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About Us

What happens when a top-tier trainer no longer wishes to teach in large groups, because she wants to go far beyond just the basics? 

Global NLP Training (founded in 2006) has trained over 2.5K students live around the world, in addition to an impressive 1 million students through online training, webinars, articles, and videos.

We offer a quality certification program that builds versatile and highly applicable coaching & NLP skill sets wrapped up inside a life-changing event! 

Global NLP Training offers cutting-edge international NLP training and coaching certification in locations around the world. We are known for providing high-quality live training seminars with one of the most favorable trainer-to-student ratios available in the industry. This allows us to impart more to our students and work directly with them on a more personal level.

Social Entrepreneurship

From Social Entrepreneurship to Edu-Preneurship!

As a company we offer our services and time through several projects around the world that involve our current and former students; these projects last anywhere from a couple of hours to full workshops.

All our projects are centered around the concept of bettering the futures of underprivileged children by educating their teachers, mentors and parents.

Global NLP Social Entrepreneurship

It is never to late to have a happy childhood.