Brandon O'Dell

We are constantly changing, growing; leaving, and coming. How do we stay focused in the midst of major upheaval? How do we remain open to possibilities and yet chart a steady course?

Transition comes in many forms. Our careers evolve. Our interests shift. People leave or die. We grow older. Change can be confronting and challenging. Yet these moments offer valuable information. If we can open our hearts, minds and bodies, we stand to learn and grow more in these moments than in a lifetime of comfort. Finding your passion and listening to your inner voice takes conscious presence and consistent awareness.

A choreographer once said to Brandon that good art is made in the transitions. He sees this as a life lesson. Living good and living well often lies in navigating shifting environments and, at the same time, remaining open to and aware of the opportunities that arise.

Incorporating a lifetime of exploration and education, Brandon has a holistic coaching and teaching style. He has been teaching and coaching in varies environments for over 20 years. He specializes NLP based coaching, social emotional intelligence coaching, breathing, wellness, mindfulness, yoga, and has a new found interest in the subject of positive psychology.

 Brandon has coaching and teaching experience in the following areas: career change, business and life transition, cultural awareness, leadership skills, family and relationship dynamics, LGBTQ related issues, body/mind connection, and mindful meditation.

“Things are always ending and arising and ending…We have so much fear of not being in control, of not being able to hold on to things. Yet the true nature of life is that we…can never hold on to anything.” – Pema Chodron


“Let yourself be silently drawn, by the stronger pull of what you really love.” – Rumi

Take a leap – a dance career:
Brandon took his first dance class at the age of 5. He went on to have an international dance career based both in the United States and the Netherlands. He was privileged to work with some of the best choreographers of the time performing around the world. For 7 years, he was a member of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

Start again – a new career:
After his dance career, Brandon retrained receiving an MBA from the University of Cambridge. He then worked for American Airlines before shifting to the field of Global Health. In 2014, Brandon went to work for the famous HIV researcher, Joep Lange, who was killed in the flight MH17 bombing. After the accident, Brandon was part of a small team that establish the Joep Lange Institute focused on continuing the vision of quality healthcare for all.

Learn the basics – education and degrees:
After his dance career, he studied business administration at the University of Cambridge in England where he received an MBA in 2012. While studying dance in Washington DC, he got his undergraduate degree in history from Shepherd University in West Virginia in 1997. Brandon has achieved Post-master level in NLP starting with a Global NLP course in Los Angles. Additionally, he has been practicing and studying yoga and mindfulness for over 25 years.

Make change – a voice in the boardroom:
He currently serves on the board of directors of Het Blauwe Fonds. This foundation is dedicated to funding projects aimed at broader acceptance of the LGBTQ community especially for senior people and for people coming out of the closet. In addition, Brandon sits on the board of directors for the Henny Jurriens Studio which is a post-professional dance training center based in Amsterdam.


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