Nicole Schneider

Nicole has trained over 2.5K students live, most of which were inside small-group immersion seminars. Online, she has taught more than 1 million people in NLP in various formats.

She is considered to be among the rare top-tier (female) trainers in the world and mentor to the next generation of personal development professionals, high-fllyers in the world of (corporate) leadership, NLP Trainers, motivational speakers & social media celebrity coaches.


Nicole Schneider NLP Trainer

Nicole started her journey in NLP at a young age and gained expertise through coaching and consulting with challenging clients, victims of trauma, high-stake projects, and Fortune 100 corporations. She then felt ready to make the switch from consultant and coach, to NLP Trainer.  Now, she has nearly two decades of experience as an NLP trainer traveling the world.

She founded Global NLP Training in 2006, which grew within 2 years to be one of the top small immersion seminar companies in the world – it simply set itself apart from other training companies from the get-go. Global NLP training makes it possible to do the NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner courses back-to-back, and also steps away from teaching just the basics. To train with Nicole, means you have to go “all-in.” 

She is the only top-tier trainer and owner of an internationally respected NLP company willing to work inside a small arena, for the mere reason that more in-depth, next-level NLP training can be taught

Nicole is not only a master of NLP, but also a walking encyclopedia of scientific research conducted by neuroscientists, positive psychologists, communication experts, and behavioral specialists. This wealth of knowledge allows her to integrate the latest findings into her training, providing students with a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to personal development..

Nicole’s story is one of true empowerment.  She built her company in a largely male-oriented world of NLP during a 3 year place of illness at the lowest point in her life. She is now a top-tier trainer in the world, and the only female at this level owning her own school.

As a social entrepreneur she travels the world as a trainer and consultant benefitting individuals and organizations who aid underprivileged children, women, and families. She does so entirely free of charge.


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