NLP Practitioner Manual


Length NLP Practitioner Course: 7 Days

Pre-requisites: none

Course locations:
Amsterdam, Bali, Los Angeles, Mexico, Miami, Portugal

1. NLP Practitioner
2. Mindset & Personal Leadership Coach

We offer live, online, and hybrid training solutions.

Become a certified NLP Practitioner

Discover the foundations of NLP and develop a comprehensive understanding and proficiency in all the tools and techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Our NLP Practitioner program is more than just skills or certification training; it’s a fully immersive transformative experience. Acquire invaluable knowledge for both personal and professional development simultaneously.

Our offerings extend beyond an internationally recognized NLP certification. Students from around the world participate in each class, drawn by the international reputation of both our school and our senior trainer, Nicole Schneider. Individuals from diverse backgrounds, with over 50% referred by past participants, enrich our learning community.


At each of our locations, we provide rigorous training with a top-tier trainer and maintain small class sizes. Direct access to our most senior trainer is guaranteed, and students have the opportunity to work with her if they wish.

Included with the NLP Practitioner course:

  • 7-day, in-person training (60-65 hours)
  • Online version of the NLP Practitioner training (40 hours of video and real demonstrations)*
  • Manual
  • Handouts and overview sheet
  • Some students will receive a $200 store credit.
  • Extensive post-course support.


  • Mindset & Personal Leadership Coach
  • NLP Practitioner (Society of NLP, signed by the co-creator of NLP)

*Students who book their class more than 1 month in advance and pay in full will receive the online version of training entirely free of charge ($897 value.)

What is NLP


We take supporting our students before, during, and after class very seriously. In fact, we believe we are unparalleled in the industry when it comes to this. We would like to prove this to you.

NLP Training Online


There are no pre-course requirements.

 In fact, the best way to learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming is entirely live. Regardless, some students like to prepare.

Students who pay in full for their training more than one month in advance will receive the online version of the:

  • NLP Practitioner Course (70 hours)
  • Manual
  • All handouts and cheat sheets
  • A list of lessons suitable for preparation (and which ones should be learned live)

We will also provide you with information on travel, hotels, cost-saving tips, or anything else that will help put you at ease. While we aren’t travel agents, we are sensitive to students’ needs


With many NLP training companies, students often lack direct and in-person engagement with the most senior trainers. Given the depth of our program, it is not only desirable for students to connect with their trainers; accessibility is an absolute requirement.

Most students will have the opportunity to work directly with their trainer during the demonstrations. 

What else?

  • Private Properties & living room ambiance.
  • Depending on the location, there are parks, beaches, rice paddies, gardens, and village life.
  • Limited options are available for a hybrid version of the live and online training.
  • Restaurants and supermarkets within walking distance.
  • Access to a kitchen and/or refrigerator.
NLP training group
Global NLP Training Office


Our post-course support is unparalleled in the industry.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Retake your class live anywhere in the world ($300 or €300)
  • Questions answered via video, audio, and extensive articles inside our NLP Hub and smartphone app (free)
  • Former student Facebook community (free)
  • A community to find students to practice with (free)
  • Marketing  & search engine optimization opportunities inside our newsletter and at Simply Global NLP Training.

For a more extensive list, visit our post-course support page.

*Offered to students who register for NLP Practitioner course more than one month in advance and pay in full.


Dates, tuition, bring-a-friend rates, payment plans, availability vary from location to location. It’s not always apparent to students, but taking our class in Mexico, Portugal or Bali may be more cost-effective than training closer to home.

If you are already certain where you want to take your NLP Practitioner training visit the links below:


Latin America