NLP Training in Amsterdam

The NLP Training in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is conducted in English as a full immersion course.

People from all over the world attend our classes, including Dutch people who prefer to do their NLP training in English. Our lead trainer, Nicole Schneider, is the only top-tier trainer with an international reputation who offers NLP Training in Amsterdam.

Our international track record is unparalleled among NLP training and coaching certification companies operating in the Netherlands.

We provide small-sized international classes, offering students the option to complete the NLP Practitioner, followed immediately by the NLP Master Practitioner, as well as Mindset & Life Strategy Coaching/Emotional Intelligence Coaching.

This means our NLP training in Amsterdam is a true immersion, and is offered as a fully experiential program with the aim that you can immediately apply NLP, coaching, NLP based positive psychology and advanced communication in any field. 

Global NLP Training Clients


The NLP training in English, offered in Amsterdam, is designed with the international community in mind.

The NLP Training in Amsterdam attracts students from all over the world and is the preferred choice among the expatriate community, renowned international brands, corporate companies, and globally operating foundations.

Learning NLP in the language in which it was created is the best way to master 100% of the tools, as not all of NLP translates well into foreign languages. Most students realize, sooner or later, that while Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be adapted to any culture, learning it with a focus solely on the Dutch culture is extremely limiting.

Students can re-take their training anywhere in the world for a 300 Euro charge per week.

We were the first to arrive on the scene in The Netherlands to teach Neuro-Linguistic Programming in any foreign language.

There isn’t an international organization or company operating in the Netherlands that doesn’t have students who have trained with us, whether in Amsterdam or any of our international course locations.

Our senior trainer, Nicole Schneider, has over 20 years of experience in the field. She is the only trainer in The Netherlands who operates globally and whose reputation extends beyond Dutch borders. Although she teaches strictly in English, she is also fluent in Dutch.

As a top trainer, she teaches all over the world, is invited by international organizations, and works with several foundations in developing countries. Her goal is to bring Neuro-Linguistic Programming to those who need it the most but are the last to afford it.

We have an international community of former students, who connect with each other to collaborate, network, or create friendships for life.

Class Amsterdam

Your NLP training in Amsterdam, earning international credentials...

Global NLP Training Certification Seals

We are one of the few NLP Training companies in the European Union, registered as an official Vocational Training School (CRKBO.) We are fully licensed by the Society of NLP.

Our certificates are internationally valid, carrying a reputation and brand that extends well beyond the Netherlands’ borders. This is ideal for students who don’t live in the Netherlands or may not always reside there, as well as for students whose (LinkedIn) profile requires an international focus.

Because we are an internationally operating company, and recognized in the Netherlands as a vocational training school we do not pay any VAT (English for what in the Netherlands is called “BTW”). The cost-savings these two things bring, we pass on to our students.


You will learn how the brains learns and processes information.


Each brain perceives and interprets the world around us differently. 


What the brain perceives, affects our reality and our results.


Using language to verbally and non-verbally to influence behavior.

Questioning skills to reveal unconscious information stored in the brain.

Language used by motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins - talk to the unconscious mind.


How can we re-program the brain to function like a successful person,

How can we teach the brain strategies to reach goals, and to start controlling our story, rather than let life happen to us.

NLP-Based Mindset Coaching

We believe that Mindset Coaching has a place in many more contexts than a coaching office.  When you think of the bosses, teachers, and role-models you ever had, you will agree with me that they all have something in common. They know how to get the best out of you, for you to reach your fullest potential.

We always struggled with the term “Life Coach”, as it doesn’t seem to describe what our students can do after the class over. They are truly the next level up  and have the ability to work with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Did you know most coaches never learn to work with negative installations in our childhood and past? Have no idea what to do with fears or phobias? Work with negative self-talk, self-esteem, and limiting beliefs? 


The NLP Training in Amsterdam takes place right outside of the old-city center in one of the most popular neighborhoods “de Pijp.” 

Where are we? 

Key highlights:

  • A short walk from the center, Heineken Experience, the Albert Cuyp market, restaurants and grocery stores.
  • The Sarphatipark is across the street, students do some of their break-out sessions there.
  • Near the new North-South Metro Line, a few stops from Amsterdam Central Station and also near the Amstel station.


We do not have rooms available for the NLP training in Amsterdam. Which is why we offer a 600 Euro rate to bring a friend.

Studio Sarphaat

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