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What is the difference between life coach certification and mindset and life strategy coaching?

Life Coach certification has become synonymous with a lack of results, expertise, proper training, and cheerleading others into personal change.  Everyone can call themselves a “life coach.” 

Global NLP Training has been around since 2006; at this time, the industry had yet to define the life coach’s skill set. For years, we have certified our students as life coaches. Even though most students we teach aren’t coaches, they require an NLP-based coaching skillset.

Think of all the roles we play in our lives for which NLP-based mindset coaching skills are relevant—a parent, a life partner, the child of a senior parent, a manager, a teacher, an ambulance driver, a yoga instructor, etc. And a person who self-motivates, pulls themselves into action, navigates transition, difficult people, dealing with set-backs, loss etc.



The lack of definition today in the industry caused a wildfire of life coaches because the bar isn’t set high, not even by the international associations governing the schools. Ironically, none of the (famous) top coaches whose books you read and whose events or seminars changed your life are part of these. They are either NLP trained or studied successful people’s strategies – which the creators of NLP also did.

There is a good reason why. Because many associations instituted standards and definitions for coaching, they determined (rather than the industry or a government.) They say a coach can not handle any issue that is in or comes from our past. Thoughts, emotions, and limiting beliefs are not a consideration in coaching, especially the negative ones. They decided to create a narrow definition, to be safe, paired with forms and a set of procedures you apply to all clients. They do not have a methodology – which is what NLP is.

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology focuses on well-being, strength and positive emotions.


Emotional intelligence (EQ) refers to the capacity to recognize, comprehend, regulate, and harness emotions effectively in oneself and other

MBTI & Meta Programs

Speedreading personality type using the MBTI instrument & the Meta Programs (Neuro-Linguistic Programming.)


Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system, which includes the brain.  It draws from various fields such as biology, psychology, chemistry, physics, and computer science.

Meditation & Guided Visualization

Guided visualization using the benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The standardization coaching associations strive for is often good, but it leads to mediocrity (which is better than below par) and makes coaching education institutionalized – like our formal schooling. Similarly, we make a huge financial investment, we carry the credential that comes with the investment, but we weren’t taught to reach results. We also didn’t do the work on ourselves in our own personal transformation.  In practice, the coach will continuously hit a wall. For example, what if a client (or the coach) says, “I am afraid? Phobic? Traumatized? Ashamed? Guilty?” Or “I struggle with self-esteem and confidence?” What about “I talk negatively to myself, in the same way, my critical parent did?” Or “I procrastinate” and “I am stressed?” 

“People who aren’t mentally ill more often than not need to be in a training room, rather than a therapists office.

And learn the skills required to lead a life in well-being. And help others to do the same.”

– Nicole Schneider, Global LP Training

Light years ahead!

At Global NLP Training, the bar is set higher than just life coach certification, we can no longer say we identify with being a life coach training school. We teach tools that launch our students light years ahead of a life coach today. This lies in the results and the skillsets of the students who trained with us. Regardless if they are a (life) coach or not.

Clients Global NLP Training

Mindset & Life Strategy Coach Certification


You will learn how the brains learns and processes information.


Each brain perceives and interprets the world around us differently. 


What the brain perceives, affects our reality and our results.


Using language to verbally and non-verbally to influence behavior.

Questioning skills to reveal unconscious information stored in the brain.

Language used by motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins - talk to the unconscious mind.


How can we re-program the brain to function like a successful person,

How can we teach the brain strategies to reach goals, and to start controlling our story, rather than let life happen to us.

For accountability coaching taught by many international coaching associations, using the “Life Wheel” and SMART-goals certification as a “life coach” is still perfect.

At Global NLP training, “life coach certification” is no longer a good fit. Not just because there is no scientific base to “SMART goals” and it is a dated tool. But because our students who take the 16-day full-immersion training are the next level-up from being a life coach.

We teach our students to work with all thoughts, feelings, emotions, habits, and limiting beliefs that surface when someone wants to take the next step in reaching their full potential. 

We will teach you how to work with the significant emotional or even traumatic events in the past, any problem that arises in the present, and how to set the brain up for the future—using the strategies successful people use.

16 Day - Full Immersion NLP Training

We offer a fully integrated 16 day immersion program combining the powerful methodology and techniques of NLP. Whether your interest in getting certified as coach is for therapy, personal empowerment, leadership or business, our certification courses will offer you the advanced set of tools and skills you need for personal and professional success.

Global NLP Training is proud to be the only NLP and Coach Certification company in the world to offer personality profiling (the MBTI® instrument), Emotional Intelligence training, as well as learning how to apply NLP and coaching techniques in any niche market, personal or professional contexts.

NLP is currently the most hands-on, powerful methodology available in the world of coaching. It gives specific techniques, patterns, communication tools and the ability to design custom patterns which are customizable to the clients’ coaching sessions. It also offers the ability to design techniques that will help clients resolve issues of the past, negative beliefs and limitations in the present, as well as to set-up the brain in a way that it can propel itself into the future. It works on a thinking, emotion, behavioral, conscious and unconscious level. This is unchartered territory in other coaching modalities that have a more goal-setting and life-project management focus.


Logical Levels NLP


Length: 16 Days (1 day off + 15 training days.)


1. NLP Practitioner
2. NLP Master Practitioner
3. Mindset & Personal Leadership Coach
4. Mindset & Life Strategy Coach (optional to switch to Life Coach.)
5. Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach 

Contact our office for a detailed day-by-day course description and a brochure.


Be sure to ask for our brochure and the detailed day-by-day course decriptions.