NLP Training in Mexico

NLP Training in Mexico offers the magic of NLP against the backdrop of the Caribbean sea. We are excited to once again welcome students from all over the world to Mexico for this transformative, international immersion training.

Puerto Morelos is a small, completely safe, quaint fishing village in the heart of the Riviera Maya, known for its white-sand beaches and brilliantly turquoise water; it’s a largely undiscovered gem that we’ve come to love for our NLP training in Mexico!

Located just a 20-minute drive from Cancun Airport; it feels like a world away from the hustle and bustle of more touristy areas like Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and Tulum. (But still close enough for an easy day trip to any of them!)

During this training, you will earn your NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner certification, as well as become a certified Mindset Coach. This class is for students who want to go “all-in”, train inside a small group, and with a top-tier trainer inside a full immersion program.

Our unique training also offers the highly in-demand Social & Emotional Intelligence and positive psychology training integrated with NLP.

This means that you will have all the skills and knowledge you need to successfully apply NLP and NLP-based coaching methods in your personal and professional life at the end of this class.

NLP Training in Mexico with the only top-tier trainer teaching Latin-America.


Global NLP Training Mexico has an international reputation and is the only school in the world with a top-tier trainer willing to teach in small groups. Our lead trainer has trained over 2.5K students worldwide and has an impeccable reputation. We offer legitimate, internationally valid certification through the Society of NLP; the co-creator of NLP will sign your certificate.

Global NLP Training is located in Europe and the USA and is considered an official vocational training training school for the European Union. For most students the class is tax-deductible.

Mexico - Riviera Maya

Taking NLP training in Mexico may seem like a retreat, but you credentials will be as valid as taking the training in the United States or Europe,

Customers Global NLP Training

You will learn how the brains learns and processes information.


Each brain perceives and interprets the world around us differently. 


What the brain perceives, affects our reality and our results.


Using language to verbally and non-verbally to influence behavior.

Questioning skills to reveal unconscious information stored in the brain.

Language used by motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins - talk to the unconscious mind.


How can we re-program the brain to function like a successful person,

How can we teach the brain strategies to reach goals, and to start controlling our story, rather than let life happen to us.

NLP-Based Mindset Coaching

Students from all walks of life attend our classes. Some of them are coaches, but most are not. What brings people to NLP training in Mexico is because of our former student or an NLP Master Practitioner who inspired them. Some students followed famous life -and mindset coaches for years and discovered that they all learned and used NLP.

They want to become a coach themselves, or they want to become the kind of leader, business executive, teacher, parent, or life partner who can step into that role.

Somebody can apply NLP in any place where people communicate, think, feel, have habits, believe, and wish to reach their highest potential by using the same strategies successful people use. It is the most effective tool in the wellness industry for personal effectiveness, leadership, and life strategy.


Pre-requisites: None
Days: 15 + 1 day off,

This international full immersion style class brings you, in one straight shot, from having no experience in NLP at all to NLP Master Practitioner, paired with two mindset coaching certifications (or life coaching) and one certification as a Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach.

This is a life changing program regarding the way you work and live, and your ability to obtain better results in almost any professional field while also helping others to do the same.

Underlying the design is our commitment to equipping our students with the ability to do customized coaching or apply NLP in any niche or industry.

Our program is designed to go much deeper and at a more profound level than other schools are willing to go, designing your own NLP patterns, and the combination with personality profiling (MBTI ©), and Emotional Intelligence (EQi2.)

Certifications: All


Pre-requisites: None
Days: 7

In this course you will be trained in the core skills of NLP and NLP based Motivational Coaching. This includes many tools & techniques that can be used for your own personal change or development in any professional field where communication, understanding how the brain processes information, decision making, leadership using NLP based positive psychology, and managing thoughts and emotion in more adequate ways are paramount.

This program can be taken stand-alone, or as a first step towards becoming an NLP Master Practitioner or life coach.

CertificationsNLP Practitioner, Mindset & Personal Strategy Coach

Pre-requisites: NLP Practitioner
Days: 8

After completing NLP Practitioner, students are allowed entry into this 8-day advanced program. In this program you will master highly advanced and effective NLP and NLP based positively psychology. We are unique in our immersion approach to go into deeper change work of root cause issues, designing your own custom patterns, and using NLP based personality profiling (MBTI ©), and Emotional Intelligence (EQi2.)

This program can be taken stand-alone if you previously trained with Global NLP Training or another reputable school.

Certifications: NLP Master Practitioner, Mindset & Life Strategy Coach (or Life Coach), Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach


NLP Practitioner and Mindset & Personal Leadership Coaching

November 11 – November 17, 2023
2450 Euro (Bring a friend for 600 Euro)

NLP Master Practitioner, Mindset & Life Strategy Coach, Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach

November 19 – November 26, 2023
2450 Euro

Full Immersion (Both)

November 11 – November 26, 2023 (Day off November 18))
3250 Euro (Bring a friend for 600 Euro)


The NLP Training in Mexico takes place inside a beach-front villa in Puerto Morelos.

There are 4 sleeping rooms available inside the villa at an extra charge. First come, first serve.

Key highlights:

  • Crystal-clear turquoise shoreline, a heaven for people love to relax on the beach or have a passion for snorkeling or diving.
  • Within walking distance of grocery stores, restaurants and hotels at various budgets.
  • On the day off students tend to do a combination of snorkeling, visit several otherworldly sinkholes (called “cenotes”) or Tulum.

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