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10 tips for choosing your NLP training location


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A lot of people asked me why I took all my professional training in the USA, instead of an NLP training location near home.

Before I was 27:
Training in USA than Europe is simply a lot cheaper, even when factoring in the hotel and the flight. This still is the case, I can book a training in Amsterdam or even London and I can still save money going to the United States for example.

After 27:
The likeliness of receiving a quality training in the United States is simply much higher! Competition is extremely  high, and unlike Europe in the United States people are trained to be a public speaker (or performers) from a young age.  After 30 I also realized getting proper sleep and relaxation was extremely important, paired with the quality of the training room.

10 Tips choosing your NLP training location

1. Quality training venue

Your NLP Training company should provide trainings in raining facilities that suit your style. If you are paying the normal price compared to other companies, you should expect a 4 star training facility, a condo near the beach, a villa etc.  

2. A nice place to walk and clear your head

This is extremely important, perhaps even the most important! During an NLP training you want to be able to go for a nice walk to clear your head. And after having had a life changing technique done on you … what do you want to walk out to? A hotel casino, convention center parking lot or a mall? Probably not. This is why we train in Miami and San Diego at the beach, Los Angeles having beach and harbor nearby, and Amsterdam right in the middle of the old city center for a stroll along the canals.

3. A place that helps you relax

It is important that you are in a place where you energetically can breathe and relax.

4. Immersion or not? At home or not?

An important part of NLP training is to consider if you are going to do the training right at the corner of your home or office, or if you will fly elsewhere. There are benefits to both! I think a good reason to take NLP Training near your home is if you have children around who you can’t have someone else watch, or you really must sleep in your own bed, or finances won’t allow differently. In my opinion, work isn’t a good reason to stay close to home, unless work is your priority! The benefit of flying elsewhere is that you can truly disconnect from your day-to-day, you can fully immerse, and allow yourself to sit in the pocket of the experience.

5. An affordable NLP training location

To this day it shocks me that people fly to extremely expensive cities like London or Tokyo to take their NLP training. I have taken several trainings in London, and the expense of food and hotels are just out of control over there.  I purposely selected the venue of training to be near different hotels at various budgets, near supermarkets and restaurants in different price ranges, and negotiated room rates in most locations. It is important to take every student into account. I purposely stayed away from locations where things quickly can get out of control like South Beach in Miami (we picked Sunny Isles or North Beach,) or Santa Monica for Los Angeles training (we picked Marina Del Rey but close to quiet part of Venice Beach.)

6. City and Location in the city

A lot of students blindly pick the city of training because that’s the city they wish to be in. They compare training companies thinking they are that part of the city they see in the travel brochures. Be sure to check where in the city a training company trains. In Amsterdam for instance, the convention center RAI, Amstel station or the airport, are far away from the city center. Though training venues may be cheaper, we intentionally opted for the old city center. We made a similar choice in Miami, where options that aren’t waterfront aren’t at all what you see in the brochures! Even though you can get a meeting space for half the price further inland, when people fly from all over the world, they should be right in that brochure image as to where they thought they were going! Not in a parking lot!

7. Is there parking? How far is the hotel from the airport? What is public transportation like?

An important piece is whether or not there is parking at the training venue! And how far is the airport from the hotel? We always advise our students about where to park, where shuttle busses can be taken, etc. In Amsterdam public transportation, walking and biking are really the local way to go!

8. Often times the cheaper option isn’t nearby! Training in the USA is usually cheaper!

Ever realized that the price of training in many European countries is more expensive than taking a flight and doing the training in the USA? I actually opted to take most of my trainings inside the USA (I come from Amsterdam,) because the price difference was so significant that my hotel + travel bill would be covered. My company offers 500 dollars off selected training for anyone who flies in, just to accommodate that step. The price of NLP training in Europe is much higher, and this is because the hotel expenses are much higher for a training company.

9. Pick a location that has the style of restaurants you can eat at for the duration.

This point may sound ridiculous, but I prefer to eat healthy even while I am away for the weekend. Expect of your training company to be able to indicate to you whether healthy food options are available within walking distance of the training venue. Your NLP trainer should know this, because he or she will be eating there if they themselves apply the tools you are about to learn.

10. Pick a location where you can sleep well, relax well, and have fun!

I think this is an absolute must for an NLP training location.

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