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10 Tips: how to use NLP for weight loss

Weight loss

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How to use NLP for weight loss, is a question I am often asked. I consider myself an experienced and professional advisor on this topic as an NLP trainer, and as a person who lost 100 pounds of weight.

How to use NLP for weight loss

1. Future pacing

An extremely powerful tool is to “future pace” yourself into already having completed the weight loss. To step into that spot as if you already reached your goal. What specifically will you feel, hear and see at that moment in time? You experience this associated, meaning looking through your own eyes.

2.The second perceptual position of NLP

If you take your awareness and step into the shoes of your children, or the person who loves you the most, whom do you see? What do you wish for the you over there? What example is that you over there giving?

3. Use a model

If you are going to seek an inspirational person for your goals, pick a true model of excellence! It is best to find someone who not only claims to have mastery in motivational or coaching tools, but someone who has done it OR looks the part.

4. The meta model

How specifically will your success with completing your weight loss goal impact your life?

5. Another meta model question

How will it impact others around you?

6. Values

What are your values? Isn’t having a healthy body a part of living a life, which is true to your values? Weight loss using NLP will accomplish this.

7. The positive intent

Understand the positive intention behind overeating or moving too little. If these things were to bring you something positive, what would that be? For instance, would you be rewarded with comfort? Fun? Freedom? What are some other ways for you to achieve this rather than overeating or moving too little?

8. Triggers

What are triggers (anchors) in your environment that cause you to eat?

9. Another meta-model question

Who is stopping you from completing your goal? Be honest.

10. Borrow from the well-formed outcomes process

What is the first step? Do that this week!


Embrace You: Your Guide to Transforming Weight Loss Misconceptions into Lifelong Wellness – Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie, MD

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