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10 Tips to mastering NLP

Mastering NLP

If I had to pick 10 easy tips to mastering NLP this is what they would be.

1. Take a live training, with a minimum of 7 days face-to-face interaction with other students and a quality NLP Trainer. Books, videos, audios are only useful for a reference.

2. Practice, practice, practice. It is called “Licensed NLP Practitioner,” which means you need to practice NLP.

3. Instead of trying to practice all techniques at once after your training, practice in chunks. Basically, meta model your NLP course. Small chunks. For instance today you will practice setting an anchor on a person, tomorrow you are going to notice visual predicates, the day after you will do a new behavior generator on yourself.

4. You need to practice on yourself and other people. Preferably strangers.

5. Choose your desired emotional state while practicing and applying NLP.

6. Future pace yourself in mastering NLP Coaching, associate into that moment. Change the submodalities in order for it to become even more powerful.

7. Set a well-formed outcome.

8. Understand that to master NLP it takes a while and a lot of practice. But you will have fun getting there.

9. You can easily practice your language patterns chunk by chunk by spending 10 minutes a day. Use cue cards, post-its, white board markers to write on your bathroom mirror if you have to (that’s how I did it.)

10. Understand that NLP isn’t just submodalities, language patterns, rapport etc. It is also those parts of NLP that you probably liked less during your course. It is also about that part of the Milton Model that you spaced out for during your training, or doing a TOTE, etc.

Coming soon more tips on mastering NLP.

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