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10 Tips to practice NLP after your training

Practice NLP

How do you practice NLP after your NLP training? The best way to master NLP is to practice, practice, and practice some more after your training. We are Global NLP Trainers, and we practice, we cook, and we experiment every day.

1.  Do the small daily NLP tasks and take them from this blog!

2.  Don’t try to practice NLP as a whole, practice in sizeable chunks. For instance, focus for one day on matching or mirroring alone. Or spend 15 minutes a day, practicing one simple language pattern.

3. Real mastery or genius at anything doesn’t lie in being able for instance to do a fast phobia cure in 8 minutes. It is about being able to do that, and either spend the 8 minutes more elegantly, or finding several other ways to cure a phobia even if it were to take 1.5 hours. Ask yourself questions like, how can I solve a significant emotional event in the past, not by timelining but by values based exercises or metaprograms?

4. Start with full control over the language patterns, and don’t just focus on the flashy submodalities and timelining only. The latter becomes way more powerful if you speak the language patterns as your first language. What about truly developing your sensory acuity?

5. Practice NLP on YOURSELF daily, and every where you go. NLP on just clients, or books don’t make a seasoned practitioner. It is amazing how some practitioners want to work on others using NLP, and do not apply NLP on themselves.

6. Practice NLP on OTHERS, covertly as well as overtly. NLP on just yourself, or books, don’t make a seasoned practitioner. Stop being a wallflower.

7. Instead of thinking you need to go on the next level up after Master Practitioner. Why not re-take NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner with another school. At Global NLP Training we let students re-take our class free of charge, and many take us up on it. Trainers training may make you a more congruent public speaker, not a better practitioner at one-on-one coaching. There are a lot of great trainings to enhance your one-on-one skills in NLP.

8. Stop buying books (most of them are a repeat of NLP Practitioner, amazing how many times Dr. Bandler is being copied), stop attending more seminars. Start applying NLP in the real world. The best pratice.

9. Go on youtube, see how it is done, and also see…..how it is not done.

10.  If trained well, you can not, not do NLP. Remind yourself of that. Start by living true to the presuppositions of NLP, excellent way to go through life.


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