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5 Easy ways to reduce Stress using NLP


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How do you reduce stress using NLP? That’s simple, as so many NLP techniques can help reduce stress either directly or indirectly through larger life changes. The suggestions below can easily be learned and used by someone who has never studied NLP.

Easy ways to reduce stress using NLP

1. Float your awareness out of your body (dissociation)

In NLP, dissociation is one way to disconnect from any given emotion, including stress. Usually sounds, feelings, and images come into our mind (when we worry in bed, for example.) And when we experience the associated feelings, we tend to experience the world looking through our own eyes as if it is actually happening to us right now. You can easily change these feelings of stress by imagining you are floating your awareness out of your body in those movies (or photos) or sounds in your mind. So you can see yourself in your mind’s eyes. This is how you dissociate from that feeling of stress.

2. Imagine a plexi glass wall or Teflon shield (dissociation)

Imagining that there is a plexi glass wall or a Teflon shield in front of you is another way to reduce stress using NLP. It is another way to keep the emotion of the stressful situation on the other side of that plexi glass wall or Teflon shield that you can hide behind.

3. Push it into the distance (submodalities)

The images and sounds that we experience in our mind, and which cause an emotion, can easily be changed to become less intense. This can be done in another way besides dissociation. Our visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experiences are called our Modalities. Our submodalities are finer distinctions of those modalities. An easy way to use NLP submodalities to reduce stress is to simply push that image or sound inside your mind into the distance.

4. Make dimmer or turn the volume down (submodalities)

Another way to use submodalities is by simply dimming the image until it completely blacks out. Or you can simply turn the volume down, of the sounds you hear inside your own mind, including that of your self talk.

5. Shifting the location of your negative self talk

We sometimes talk ourselves into a situation of stress. In NLP we call this negative self talk. Ever considered detecting where your negative self talk comes from? Well, consider placing it in another location


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