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Expanded awareness technique

Expanded awareness samurai

There is a very simple technique to learn and practice expanded awareness.

What is expanded awareness and why is it useful?

Looking at your computer screen, how much of you screen do you actually see as you are reading this blog post? Do you see all of it, even the tool bar off your browser? How much are you seeing around your computer screen? How about behind you

The expanded awareness technique

The below technique will allow you to take in more information from the world….

1. Pick a single spot above eye level.

Perhaps a light fixture, a spot on the wall, the corner where the wall meets the ceiling.

2. Look at this spot with all of your focus. Fully and completely.

3. While looking at this spot with all of your focus, notice what is around the spot.

4. Now, while looking at this spot with all of your focus, expand your vision slowly. As slow as you can comfortably do this.

5. While looking at this spot with complete focus, notice the walls, the floor, the ceiling etc.

6. While looking at this spot, get a sense of….what’s behind you? Now you are in expanded awareness.

That was easy wouldn’t you agree?

Practice doing this faster and faster. Expanding and narrowing again your awareness.

It’s OK if you feel a little spaced out. It happens, this is called self-hypnosis. 🙂

When would the technique of expanded awareness be useful to you?

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