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Free Canva Templates for Coaching & NLP

Canva Template Coaching

Were you looking for free Canva Templates for Coaching or NLP? For those of you who subscribe to our newsletter at Simply Global NLP, you probably downloaded a couple of them already. Every time we publish a newsletter, we make a new template available free of charge for 3 days.

Benefits of using coaching templates:

– Great first impression with your clients.

– Remain within branding.

– Stay organized.

– Be professional.

– Keep a competitive edge over the competition.

So far, we have released the following Canva Templates:
Life Wheel
Self Worth Protection Worksheets
Growth Journey Map Worksheets
Negative Self-Talk Worksheet

Each template contains a product that will help you combine these worksheets with NLP.

What is Canva?

Canva is an online graphic design platform used by most coaches, social media influencers, and small business owners who do not have a design team. Canva is easy to learn and master with a little bit of time.

Users can craft a wide array of visual content, spanning from social media graphics, presentations, posters to videos and logos.

Canva has both paid subscriptions with more features, as well as free. The Global NLP Training templates can be accsesed and customized on a free Canva account.

How do Coaches Use Canva?

Visual Aids for Sessions

Coaches can create visual aids, such as infographics, charts, and diagrams, to simplify complex concepts and reinforce key points during coaching sessions.

Goal Setting and Vision Boards

Canva is excellent for crafting vision boards and goal-setting visuals. Coaches can guide clients in designing visuals that represent their aspirations and motivate them to work towards their goals.

Content Creation

Coaches can use Canva to design engaging and informative content for their blogs, social media, or email newsletters. Sharing valuable content can attract new clients and establish their expertise.

Workbooks and Exercises

Canva allows coaches to develop customized workbooks, journaling prompts, and self-assessment exercises tailored to their clients’ needs. This enhances the coaching experience and facilitates self-reflection.


Coaches can create or refine their personal or professional branding materials, including logos, business cards, and presentation templates. A consistent and professional image can help attract clients.

Social Media Graphics

Coaches can design eye-catching social media graphics to share inspirational quotes, coaching tips, or success stories. This can help build a following and engage with their audience.

Ebooks and Guides

Canva can be used to design ebooks, guides, and digital resources that coaches can offer to clients or use as lead magnets to grow their email list.

Client Worksheets

Coaches can develop client-specific worksheets and templates for tracking progress, setting action plans, or monitoring habits and behaviors.

Online Course Materials

For coaches offering online courses, Canva is a valuable tool for creating course materials, presentation slides, and multimedia resources.

Marketing Materials

Coaches can design brochures, flyers, and promotional materials for workshops, webinars, or speaking engagements to expand their reach.

Feedback Surveys

After coaching sessions, coaches can create surveys and feedback forms to gather valuable input from clients on their coaching experiences.

Content Repurposing

Coaches can repurpose content like blog posts and webinar presentations into visually appealing formats, reaching a broader audience.

Affirmation Cards

Canva is perfect for designing personalized affirmation cards, which clients can carry with them for daily motivation and positivity.

Personal Development Resources

Coaches can curate and organize resources on personal development, such as reading lists and online course recommendations, into visually appealing formats.

Team Building and Leadership Workshops

For coaches working with corporate clients, Canva can be used to create engaging leadership development materials and team-building exercises.

Free Canva Templates for Coaching by Global NLP Training

Fully Customizable

You can use our Canva templates for coaches out of the box, but you can also alter them using the colors, logos, images, and fonts that you like or are part of your branding. All templates are fully editable.

Are they Available for Re-sale?

None of our forms or coaching contracts available on our site come with resell rights. You can use the templates for your coaching clients and sessions.

Will You be Releasing Special NLP Coaching Canva Templates?

Yes , we will stay-tuned. Subscribe to our newsletter at Simply Global NLP.

Do you Have Free Templates for Coaches in PDF of Ms-Word?

Not everyone wants to use CANVA, understandable. Most of us engage with clients using Ms-Word or PDFs anyway.

New Templates

All free Canva templates for coaching will also be made available in a generic PDF. 


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