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Free NLP training in Los Angeles through social entrepreneurship – press release


Los Angeles, August 13th 2015

Promoting social entrepreneurship for small business owners.

Global NLP Training, global leader of NLP Training and coach certification training, is launching a special project to promote social entrepreneurship among small business owners. NLP Training (Master Practitioner) is offered nearly free of charge as part of a live training scheduled to take place in Los Angeles, January 2016, with an online video based version to follow by summer. Global NLP Training wants to create awareness for the Sjakitarius Foundation, school of the mentally disabled children on Bali, who needs funding for their new school, as their current building lease expires in 2017.

The aim is to teach small business owners around the world how they can enhance their exposure, marketing, and good will easily through Social Entrepreneurship (helping the less fortunate or a good cause through their business.) This is a model that Nicole Schneider, the founder and owner of Global NLP Training, has followed and tested over the past years offering free training and opportunities to teachers serving the underprivileged.

A 7-day NLP Practitioner training will be offered from January 9 – 15 at a rate of US$2200, and these students can opt to stay for the 9-day NLP Master Practitioner paired with life coach certification training from January 10 – 24 for only US$300 (cost of materials used & certification fees.) Class during the NLP Master Practitioner will be extended by 40 minutes to 1 hour daily in order to offer a one time only social entrepreneurship class. Right now only friends and family of Global NLP Training are allowed to register, we will wait list others in the event that seats are still open at a later time. There are only 15 seats available in this course.

The video based coach training of this Social Entrepreneurship class will be offered free of charge to the general public by summer 2016. Coaches around the world, based on homework assignments and examination, have the opportunity to receive additional certification as a “Social Entrepreneurship Based Coach.”

The opportunity to offer training free of charge is able to take place because the owner, consultants, and property owners are willing to reduce or waive all of their fees. Also costs for advertising is limited, and we were offered the opportunity to train in a beachfront private residence instead of our usual 4 star hotel locations in Los Angeles. Sleeping rooms at reduced rates are available for a limited amount of students.

Free NLP Training in Los Angeles

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Free NLP Training in Los Angeles Through Social Entrepreneurship

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