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Global NLP podcast | Claire naber matalqa | Screenwriter & producer

Claire Naber Matalqa

Claire Naber Matalqa candidly shares in this podcast with Global NLP Radio’s Mark Gordon, how she used to have an extreme phobia, and more importantly the way she overcame it. It is hard to imagine Claire  as a courageous woman willing to follow her dreams, once was plagued by an injection needle phobia so intense that it affected the mere thought of  a routine check-up at the doctor, dentist, and even watching movies.

Don’t let the charismatic, fun loving, smiley faced Claire fool you! She is an extremely talented powerhouse hailing from Jordan, where she project managed the fruition of the first graduate film school since 2006. The Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts (RSICA), in collaboration with the USC School of Cinematic Arts (California) has since graduated two classes of professionally trained filmmakers from the Middle East.

But Claire had another dream, and decided to follow that little voice inside her head instead. She wanted to become a screenwriter and producer. How did she learn the difference between the voice of fear that we have inside our head, and the actual voice that was sitting there waiting it’s turn? Find out by listening to this podcast interview.

Her first feature script Yasmeen went on to win the Grand Prize for Development at the Dubai International Film Festival’s film market in 2009, and was shortlisted for the final round of 12 scripts considered for the Rawi/Sundance Middle East Screenwriter’s Lab in Jordan in 2010.

Claire is currently working on the development of an original television series for the Middle East as a writer and producer, writing a second feature script, and working as a co-producer on the upcoming independent film Strangely in Love in the USA.

Mark Gordon hosts and produces Center Stage, a weekly talkshow aired on KXLU Los Angeles. He also runs a successful coaching company called Mark Gordon Coaching, and provides introductory NLP workshops in the Los Angeles area.

Our paper and video brochure are available online, please visit Global Training Brochures. If you are interested in listening to previous podcasts, stop by on our website at Global NLP Radio. Future podcasts will be made available on this blog, and can be subscribed to on Global NLP iTunes.

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