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Global NLP radio: Barry Mc Intosh | Boat captain

Barry Mc Intosh

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Global NLP Radio’s Mark Gordon interviewed boat captain Barry Mc Intosh about his discoveries in using coaching and NLP in enclosed sometimes dangerous environments where emotions are heightened!

Barry Mc Intosh

By the age of 18 , Barry, hailing from Australia, was well on his way to become a successful business man, it wasn’t long until he had everything money could buy! But then he realized there was something missing, he felt unfulfilled, money didn’t buy happiness.  So he sold his business and possessions to follow his passion. To live a life of adventure at sea! Since stepping onto his first ship, he saved over 23 people from drowning.

Barry took his NLP training for personal development, and a professional interest in psychology and communication. He says: “95% of my job is psychology. There is a joke that says to become a boat captain you need a 1 week navigation course and a 4 year psychology degree.” He also used NLP on board dealing with a (shark) phobia, harrowing situations in the water, fire fighting, and following his intuition before extremely dangerous situations occurred.

Global NLP Training is unique in offering personality typing psychology as part of the NLP Master Practitioner course, Barry describes how he can quickly assess the type of the crew members he interviews. Pivotal in his choice to pick a team of crew members, capable of spending time together for extended periods of time on a boat, catering to royalty, top athletes, movie stars and some of the most successful company owners in the world.

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