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Global NLP radio | Benjamin roberts | Cancer survivor

NLP Cancer

Benjamin Roberts accelerated his recovery from cancer and chemotherapy, using exercise and NLP.  NLP or cardio may not give the cure for cancer, but it for sure gives us the mental state to get through it more effectively! After all, healing and change are about emotion, body and thinking. And your chances increase to heal or change, if you keep that in mind!

I remember the day well, when I met the partner of Benjamin in the park. A story was outlined how Hotchkins lymphoma was diagnosed, and now a road of chemo was ahead. I was fascinated by the story, as he seemed in remarkably good spirits for someone who’s partner just got the diagnosis.

Some time later, I met Benjamin. Determined to help others going through cancer, and needed some additional tools to protect the effects it would have on him, coaching them. And to be more effective, in order to help others with cancer. He told me the extraordinary story about his recovery! How after diagnosis, he started to use NLP and cardio exercise through spinning, while in chemotherapy. Certainly different, from the stories you usually hear where people are forced “to take it easy”, and suffer from many side effects. Benjamin got through his challenge, with a phenomenal mental attitude! The cure came faster than expected, his recovery post-chemo is considered remarkable by even medical professionals.  Increasingly, research is being done on high cardiac exercise and how it relates to chemotherapy. This is great news!

Benjamin wants to get his story out there!  The comparatively “small stuff” we apply NLP coaching to, gets an entirely different meaning when it is attached to his story. I am proud that I am able to work so closely with Benjamin, and help him to get his outlook on life (and cancer) out there to a wider audience!

Please note, NLP or cardio is not a substitute for chemotherapy or other solutions presented by medical professionals! NLP can help support the emotional and thinking processes! Please follow the advise of a medical professional!

If you are an instructor of cardio exercise, you may want to (carefully) consider organizing classes specifically for this group. Please check any research available on the topic, obtain the appropriate learning and certification. And do consult medical professionals prior to starting.

Articles relating to cardio & chemotherapy:
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