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Kelly King, top 20 billboard recording artist and powerhouse performer (with a spectacular 5.5 octave range), was kind enough to sit down with Global NLP Radio for a podcast interview. She knows the entertainment business like no other, as a child star prodigy, she became a professional artist aged 10! She had the opportunity, to work with singers like Michael Bolton, Baby Face and Dolly Parton. And currently performs weekly in NYC. But where she truly shines, is being a woman who can sing from the heart. Kelly moved our NLP Training room to tears several times, performing! She started her training as a sceptic, but then…something changed!

Many former child stars, forever center their life to repeat what they had. And what do you when you do not achieve the awards you are consistently told you would win when you get older? Honestly, I think she should have won a grammy if it was simply a measure of the quality of her voice (we have seen stars win them for less.) But then a question I would ask, how many of those award winning performers are truly happy and operating from their core value? I think Kelly is right at this moment in the best spot of her life.  Personally & professionally, because she gets it! A more integrated way to appreciating life, what it can bring, what it is like to operate from a resourceful state. Understanding that the most important thing about her art, is the feelings she evokes in her audience, and herself!  To really enjoy what she is doing on a deeper level. Next to singing, her true talent is that she puts people in a better emotional state as when she found them! I feel it when she engages with me through voice as her audience, as my student, as a woman, and as a friend! Even when I took my family to the United States (they had never been there before), she made sure that they would have an experience of a life time! They are still talking about that with the same smile on their face and glimmer in their eye! Kelly is a sweetheart! (Kelly, if you ever do win that Grammy, please stay just as amazing as you are now! You are too precious and delightful!)

Kelly found next to singing, another passion! Helping other child stars & young adults through coaching navigate the roads of fame, and the difficulties of growing up in the world of entertainment. She gets what it is like, what the difference is between a created identity & who you truly are. She works as an entertainment life coach for Shading the Limelight. A coaching agency specializing in young adults in the entertainment business.

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Gravity – Single

Middle of the Night – Single

Workin’ Girl – Remixes

Dear Mr. Kringle (EP), Christmas song

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