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Global NLP radio | Spencer combs | Author & coach

Spencer Combs

Spencer Combs is definitely a former student success story! In this radio interview he gives insight into the world of personal development, and it also provides an invaluable example how to build your own (coaching) business.

I met Spencer a number of years ago in San Diego, where he attended the NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and life coaching training. He struck me as very powerful, engaging, and inspirational. He has an incredibly fun loving demeanor, a zest for learning and a passion for personal change. The work he did on the other students, didn’t go by unnoticed. This man is driven and incredibly talented.

He set up a successful company called Spencer Combs International, where he coaches clients,  provides high level training, and joined the public speaking circuit. His business grew, by doing an amazing job with his clients, speaking engagements, videos, networking, and social media.  He definitely hit the ground running, which paid off! I have no idea where he found the time to write a book in the process: “Get a Grip: The Genesis of Personal Development.” Well done!

Listening to the Global NLP Radio interview with Spencer Combs, I can’t help but be incredibly grateful to him. Global NLP Radio’s Mark Gordon, did an amazing job interviewing Spencer, to provide a powerful podcast for those interested in starting their own coaching business, personal and professional development. Spencer offered candid advise, real life stories working with clients and how he uses NLP.

For more information about Spencer:
Purchase on Amazon: Get a Grip: The Genesis of Personal Development

Mark Spencer hosts a radio show called Center Stage, and is also the principal coach at Mark Gordon Coaching.

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