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How do you turn from a negative thinker into a positive thinker with neuro-linguistic programming?

Negative Thinker into Positive Thinker

Can a Negative thinker turn into a positive thinker using Neuro-Linguistic Programming? Yes, this can actually be done in 14 days.

Lessons from the Norwegian approach to Chronic Fatigue

A long time ago I came across a female psychologist from Norway who could cure Chronic Fatigue Syndrome based on a 3-day course in 14 days. She wasn’t the only one who could do it; it was an entire institute of medical professionals in the field. They came to train in Neuro-Linguistic Programming with my company, Global NLP Training. It excited me because I figured out that it is possible to turn a negative thinker into a positive thinker. How is this possible?

Well, the Chronically Fatigued brain is a brain that fires in the wrong way. Imagine it to be a red brain. This red brain is physically as well as mentally ill. It continuously thinks negative thoughts, is always tired, memory is extremely poor, and thoughts of “what if “scenarios of doom are quite common too. Given that the brain can only consciously process 5-9 pieces of information out of 2 million bits of information observed and experienced per second through our 5 senses, we are forced to ignore everything else. For the Neuro-Linguistic Programming enthusiasts, we use our filters to delete, distort, and generalize the information in order to make sense of our world without hitting overwhelm. The red brain, however, continually sorts for the negative. It is the negative thinker on steroids.

How do you turn from a negative thinker into a positive thinker with neuro-linguistic programming?

Now as a trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and also a former Chronically Fatigued person, this is fascinating. Curing the red brain based on a 3-day workshop in 14 days? And somehow, they were in my class to learn how? I realized that I would have the answer, as to how to turn someone from a negative thinker into a positive thinker. In fact, without knowing, I had witnessed it over and over, in students who did Neuro-Linguistic Programming patterns as both clients as well as coaching for 16 days in a row.

The red brain

The problem with the red brain is that every time something positive happens the red brain will ignore it, or turn it into something bad. With a red brain, if you go to a beautiful beach you will either evaluate it as having too much sand in the moment or you might have a mini meltdown as soon as you get home because sand is now dragged all over the house. Let’s give the positive event of going to the beach a color; we give it the color purple.

The purple brain

Now if you could create a purple brain, it would be a brain that is extraordinarily positive. Each time a red event occurs, the purple brain takes over and simply ignores the negative event or turns it into a positive one. For example, I did a Neuro-Linguistic Programming class in Miami once, and I had this woman who clearly had a purple brain. The airline had lost all her luggage. This meant on the first night of the training she would have to go shopping and she could not call her young children. Also the airline would only cover part of the cost. Her brain immediately coded positively: it was time for a beautiful set of clothes in her mind, and what an opportunity for dad to bond with the children for that evening. That was that.

The Neuro-Linguistic programming technique

So the cure is simple. Let me give you the step-by-step process as to how to turn a negative thinker into a positive thinker:

  1. Put a rubber band around the wrist (if you never learned Neuro-Linguistic programming.) The ability to do a pattern interrupt of some kind on yourself using NLP is much easier.
  2. Each time a negative thought is about to start, you snap the rubber band. Inherently interrupt the pattern, and stop the negative thought.
  3. Then you must take action to start doing something extremely positive with your brain, or your body, or your emotion. Like visualize someone you love a lot or something you are grateful for.

Conclusion: turning from a negative thinker into a positive thinker

What happens is, you start messing with the red connections in the brain, and overpower them with purple new connections. After 14 days the brain starts coding purple. If it can be done with the Chronically Fatigued brain, it most certainly can be done with the continuously negative thinking brain.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers many techniques that inherently switch thoughts and emotions from negative to positive on a continual basis. If you have interest in learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming, please visit our website.



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