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How to create a smarter business using NLP

Smarter business

People often ask me, “How do I create a smarter and better business using NLP?” Here are my 

Tips to create a smarter business using NLP

1. Selling services or products people wish to buy.

As commonsense as this may sound, I still see many people creating businesses based on their passion alone. Not so much offering a service or product that a client is also passionate about purchasing. It helps to simply step into the shoes of your potential client. Imagine what they see, hear and feel, and based on that you then evaluate the product or service you wish to sell.

2. Understand that everything can end up being state elicitation. What emotional state do you wish your client to experience?

It is important to understand that everything can end up shifting your customers’ emotional state, both positively and negatively. From your website, the tidiness of your desk/folders, the way you dress, to the dirty mat in front of your store. It is important to put your customer in a resourceful state: one in which they trust you to offer the best product or service.

3. Are your slogan, mission statement, brochures savvy?

Generally speaking, your materials should contain positive words. Also understand that a negation cannot be processed inside the brain. For example “I don’t want to be fat” is understood by the unconscious mind as “I do want to be fat.” What is the first thing you think of when I ask of you, “don’t think of a pink elephant”? In addition, you want the client to imagine already having purchased your product or service. And what would they see, hear and feel? If you have never taken NLP training yourself, I highly recommend you read a beginners book, take a training, or a consult an NLP Practitioner or preferably NLP Master Practitioner.

4. Is your elevator pitch effective?

The person listening to your 1-minute elevator speech explaining your business has to not only understand, but also feel your message. They must be able to associate into your story, see, hear and feel it themselves. You want them to imagine what they would see, hear and feel if they were to purchase something from you. Experience it through their eyes, instead of yours.

5. Setting goals to make everything fun

Business owners usually find it easy to do those things that they are passionate about. Often times finances, taxes, or making cold calls aren’t one of those things. As a business owner, set a goal to be able to outsource these activities, or make it as easy as possible on yourself. For instance, instead of turning it into end of tax season deadline, organize yourself from the start. And how could you make it fun?

6. Allow yourself to reframe

Realize that those things that may not be your favorite things to do in business, or the storms you may weather, are part of building the platform. For instance, I don’t like finance and human resource issues in my NLP training company. However, I couldn’t even deliver the training I am so passionate about, if I didn’t work at creating the platform that allows that to occur.

How would you use NLP to create a smarter business?

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