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How to improve your NLP anchoring

How to improve your NLP anchoring

How to improve your NLP anchoring

How do you improve your NLP anchoring? Have you ever wondered how to take your anchoring skills to the next level? A former student recently asked just that, and if they were here in Sunny Isles Beach Miami this morning, they’d see firsthand why it’s so important. As the sun rises on a new day with its vibrant light highlighting our surroundings, staff bustles about getting ready for another exciting one. So when it comes to mastering anchor techniques – focusing specifically on state elicitation is key! Don’t get stuck doing the same old thing over again as many beginners might; instead strive for improvement by using different approaches every time.

Transcript: how to improve your NLP anchoring

Hi from Sunny Isles Beach, Miami. Sorry the light is so dramatic, the sun just came up, and if it’s noisy, the hotel staff is getting ready. I had a question come in from a former student, how to improve anchoring. Once you get all the steps in the manual, all the conditions to set a good anchor and you’re really good at it, how do you improve even further, that was the question.

Well, I think it’s by actually focusing on one of the steps. It’s usually just like “I’ll do a state elicitation, I’ll set an anchor, blah blah blah.” Fine, well don’t dismiss that so easily because state elicitation is something that can always be improved. You can always get better at it, and not repeat the same state elicitation over and over which is what a lot of new NLP practitioners tend to do but to really take that out of the box. Can you elicit a state based on someone’s past? Can you elicit a state by visualization? Can you naturally elicit a state by making a joke or something like that? If you really amp up the quality of your state elicitation and the flexibility to really find new ways of doing that and a more intense way of doing that, that also works specifically much better in a certain person’s map of the world. Some people respond better to one type of state elicitation than to another, but most importantly when a natural state occurs without you elicitating anything intentionally, that’s the best time to set an anchor because people have no idea that you’re doing it.



Positivity: Optimism, Resilience, Confidence and Motivation – Paul McKenna

Former student

We are looking for a former Global NLP Training student who can write about how they improve their NLP anchoring skills.

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