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How to Predict People’s Behavior and Decisions Using Personality Typing


Last week we covered how to use NLP to predict a person’s behavior and decisions. But, what are some other ways to go about this? Speed reading personality type can give you the answer.

How to Predict a Person’s Decisions Using Personality typing?

In the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instrument, there are two types identified when it comes to making decisions.

1. Making decisions based on how someone will feel – the Feeler.
2. Making decisions based on what is logical, and/or fair – the Thinker.

The Feelers

How to Spot a Feeler:
– They put people first, and the problem second.
– They’re subjective.
– They show mercy and appreciation.
– They are concerned with how they feel.
– They are concerned about how other people feel.
– They’re quick to apologize.
– They seek harmony above all else.

Feelers will always make decisions based on how it will make people feel. They experience a great deal of inner turmoil when they need to make difficult decisions that impact others. In fact, they will often go to great lengths to avoid doing so. Once you know someone is a feeler, you know they will make decisions accordingly.

 The Thinkers

How to Spot a Thinker:
– They put the problem first, and people come second.
– They embrace critique – both giving and receiving.
– Pros and cons analysis.
– They are slow to apologize.
– They don’t go into their emotions when making a difficult decision.

A thinker makes decisions based on what is logical and fair. This makes them predictable as it is all about analyses and reality testing for them. People come second, although they may be one of the other factors in making a decision if it makes sense.

How to Predict People’s Behaviors Using Personality Typing

To a degree, speedreading personality also allows us to predict some behaviors.

The Sensing vs Intuition

How a person gathers data from their environment is a behavior in and of itself.


A Senser:
– Will focus on the here and now – the present
– Uses the past for data
– Prefers literal and factual information
– Likes things presented sequentially
– Collects information based on the 5 senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting
– Likes details

Sensing people will focus on the reality happening in the present. They collect details and like for things to stay real. They tend to focus on what is factually going on, rather than their fantasy of what is going on. Sensers leave very little to the imagination or do a lot of coloring between the lines.


A Intuitor:
– Is future focused
– Is imaginative
– Uses their 6th sense
– Is theoretical
– Can be random
– Prefers the big picture

Someone who favors intuition tends to focus on possibilities, uses their intuition, and thinks outside of the box. They are creative and love using metaphors.

Introversion & Extraversion

Introversion and extraversion also give us a lot of clues.


An introvert will:
– Think first, then speak.
– Gain energy from being alone.
– Lose energy around others.
– Not disclose much personal information.
– Go deeper into topics.
– Prefer to speak to the same few people at a party (if they show up at all) rather than “mingle”.

These give them a level of predictability.


An extravert will:
– First speak, then think (open mouth, insert foot)
– Gain energy from being around others (but may need to be alone to ground themselves)
– Disclose personal information.
– Go into a wider amount of topics, but not get too in-depth on any of them.
– Be gregarious, and like to speak to a lot of people at a party.

These qualities give them a level of predictability.

Orientation: Judging vs Perceiving


Can be recognized by:
– Their love of planning (they are natural project managers.)
– They will take initiative.
– They are clear about responsibilities.
– Their lists, tasks, and observance of deadlines.
– They need closure and want to make decisions quickly, or they get anxious.

These characteristics give them a level of predictability.


Can be recognized by:
– Flexibility.
– They go with the flow.
– Keep their options open.
– They adapt easily.

These give them a level of predictability.

Conclusion: How to Predict People’s Behavior and Decisions Using Personality Typing

There are very simple markers that you can identify by speedreading people that allow you to predict their behaviors and decisions.


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