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Motivational music on Spotify: Global NLP


Sometimes we need helps for us to get do that little extra push during cardio, cheer our days up going to work, simply reminds us of our goals, and sweet memories perhaps of an event in your past.  Where can you find motivational music on Spotify?

We asked coaches around the world

I have asked motivational coaches around the world, if they could give me 1 or 2 songs that motivates or inspires them. As I train motivational coaches around the world, these were not hard for me to find. 

A diverse collection of motivational music on Spotify

It turned out to be an amazing collection of diverse music provided by people from around the world.  We are sure to add to this amazing collection as we go along. Former Global NLP Training students, please submit your songs to us.

Spotify link:  Global NLP Playlist (members Spotify.)

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