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NLP – 5 Exercises for developing auditory sensory acuity


When people finish an NLP training they often wish to develop their sensory acuity. A blog post to improve your auditory sensory acuity,

5 Exercises to develop your auditory sensory acuity

1. Go to the ocean, sit down, close your eyes. What are the subtle sound differences between the waves crashing on the shore? Do the waves close by you, sound different than those further away? Do the waves sound different with the tides or the last times you were at the beach?

2. Sit in the middle of a busy city or park, close your eyes. How many different sounds can you make out? What are the differences in volume, tonality, speed? Especially with alike sources, like a police siren, are they all created equal? Can make out more sounds really far away, if you concentrated?

3. tep out of the door of your house outside early in the morning. Pay attention to the sounds you hear. Do the same thing later in the day. Are there any differences?

4. How do the steps differ of the people you live with? Can you tell who is who? How does each person walk down a flight of stairs and up? How does this person move on a flat surface. Is there a difference in how they walk in different rooms?

5. The same exercise as under number 4, but then at the office.

Good luck developing your audity sensory acuity!

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