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NLP and the science of success (greece)

NLP Coaching Greece

“NLP and the science of success” was written by Elina Giachali – NLP Master Practitioner and life coach.

NLP in Greece

With the economic recession showing its harsh teeth for the sixth consecutive year in Greece, and with the economic landscape becoming more and more gloomy in many other parts of the globe as well, success will no longer be defined only by talent and mastery. Either personal or professional, success will require a different set of needs and the ones among us that will actually manifest achievement in their desired field will have to expose a different set of skills so important that experts tend to call the study around them as “The Science of Success.”

NLP and the science of success

Till now, rich academic knowledge and a good head with numbers would almost guarantee employment. But as unemployment rates rise, whole categories of jobs lose demand and market trends change by the day, people’s jobs are in danger, and that more often than not makes us lose heart, become unmotivated and seek for isolation from the community making the situation we are in even more fragile.

As if this was not enough in itself, fear is promoted through the public media bringing home even more stress, exhaustion, and fatigue.

One does not need to be an expert to understand that more and more people experience prolonged frustration, and numbers come to set the alarm. 1700 suicides registered in 2012 in Greece only, do not leave space for any more contemplation and call for action from those that can actually help eliminate the effects of recession on people’s psychology. An expert can clearly understand that more and more people experience emotional hijacking. That is, the Limbic brain – the control center of our emotions, where our fight – or flight response is triggered from – stops being in coherence with the part of the brain where Reason lies – the Neocortex- and an overflow of emotions deprived from logical thinking takes over. Increased levels of stress, anger, fear, constant worry and more aspects of negative thinking start dominating the person’s thoughts and deeds and a series of negative effects are soon to follow.

To name a few, the professional life is affected as the person loses interest and motive. Relations with customers and fellow workers are negatively affected.

Health is severely affected, and people may start suffering from high blood pressure, backaches, sleeping problems, lack of concentration, irritability and overall deterioration of the immune system.

All these and even more call for action that can restore the balance in our psychology and well being. To put it in other words, now more than ever we need to maintain our emotional balance so as to be strong enough to cope with the current challenges.

NLP has many powerful tools that can equip us to live a lot more prepared and come out of this turmoil successfully.

As Neurolinguistic Programming helps us reprogram our mind to acquire more successful patterns of thinking, the emotions that are triggered by our thoughts are more easily mastered. This means that we gain higher level of control on our mood and wellbeing and operate from a healthier, more successful frame of mind.

At this point it would be useful to name some of the tools and the way they may appear of use to deal with the current challenges.

Through anchoring we can acquire an inner state of peace that can help us balance in unstable times.

Through second and third perceptual position we can acquire a better understanding of the people of our environment and communicate better, showing leadership with a positive win-win outcome.

Deep knowledge of our values and beliefs can and will keep us focused on what is really important for us, making outside distraction become simple noise with weakened impact.

Also, through understanding the meta – programs with which we experience our reality we will better understand how our perception operates and will be able to manage our emotions more effectively. The realization of the extent to which we generalize, distort or delete the information we are constantly exposed to, is a powerful tool that can help us shift our focus and make us a lot more aware of the patterns of thinking that we subconsciously choose to make.

In general, in times when change is constant everywhere around us, it is of vital importance to us, to keep clarity and balance. NLP can help us understand how our thinking can affect the reality we make and also give us the tools to manage our emotions more successfully.

About the author: Elina Giachali

This article was written by a former student of Global NLP Training.

Elina Giachali
NLP Master Practitioner – Life Coach


Elina offers coaching and workshops in Greece.

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