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NLP and values


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NLP and values for me are truly interlinked. Values based living is something we often don’t think about much until we get older. Sure we abide by the values we were raised with, we may seperate wrong from right, we may specifically live in a way in service of others or the greater good. We all have different degrees to consciously, and unconsciously live out our values.

Unconscious values

The values based living I am talking about, are the values that are deeply unconscious. Those that we choose to act on or not consciously. It is values according to NLP, which means criteria, those things deep inside of us that drive us. Those things that are really important to us, which is more than a belief. Beliefs are those things, we trust as being true. They are tied to values, but are more conscious.

When we consciously do those things that are true to our values, we are happy and whole. When we don’t, we end up in the wrong relationships, wrong jobs, we may become ill. Sometimes we behave poorly, and through that we still meet one of our values or our positive intentions. Example, one of my values is fun. On ocassion in having fun, I behave poorly where it comes to the health of my body. To a point that my value of fun, can clash or conflict with my other values like: balance, health, self-love, empowerment.

NLP and values

In NLP training, you can learn how to elicit your own and someone else’s values, which is a bit too much to explain in a blog post.

But ask yourself the question, what is important to you about your relationship? What is important to you about a job? Those one-word statements you would make like passion, learning, security, and knowledge.

Where it concerns your day-to-day behavior, tasks, goals… true are you living to those values?

A series of articles will follow on NLP criteria/values: 1) Values based living, 2) values based business + working, 3) values based coaching.

If you are interested in learn how to elicit values using NLP, this is covered inside an NLP Master Practitioner training or advanced course.

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