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NLP books & coaching (recommended)


Table of Contents

A list of NLP books, and resources for coaching recommended by Global NLP Training.

Recommended if you do not own an NLP Practitioner manual

If you don’t own an NLP Practitioner manual from Global NLP training or wish to read something in preparation for a course:

NLP: The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Tom Dotz

If you have a good Practitioner training manual you do not need to buy this book (or 99% of the NLP books out there.)

Top 3 essential NLP books

  1. The Big Book of NLP
    Shlomo Vaknin
  2. NLP The New Technology of Achievement
    Steve Andreas
  3. Coaching with NLP: How to be a Master Coach  – only purchase this book if you are actively selling NLP coaching.
    Joseph O’connor 

Any person will be happy just buying these 3 as their essential starter kit. 

I honestly wouldn’t buy any additional basic NLP books at all, because it is often a repetition of the same information with the same techniques. At the end of the day you are reading the same NLP Practitioner manual over and over.

Other recommended NLP books

  1. Words That Change Minds: The 14 Patterns for Mastering the Language of Influence
    This book is about NLP Meta-Programs.
    Shelle Charvet
  2. Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within
    For core change & transformational work (only for coaches & the NLP Master Practitioner trained.)
    Connirae Andreas
  3. Adventures With Time Lines
    (For NLP Master Practitioners properly trained in Timelines at this level.

Global NLP Training 

The most important resources, are only available to our former students:

  1. The Global NLP Training NLP Practitioner manual (paper copy or online version.)
  2. The Global NLP Training NLP Master Practitioner manual  (paper copy or online version.)

For our former students we now also have an online version available of our manuals, to purchase this version please contact us.

These regularly updated manuals are are literally a compilation of a 10K USD investment in books, audios, videos, manuals from our largest competitors competitors and resources. Paired with many years of learning, research and application in the field. These manuals have been written to be superior to any other.

Conclusion: NLP Books

Of course there are many other amazing materials available, these simply are the NLP books that come recommended by us.

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