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NLP fast phobia cure and trauma relief pattern tips – two


This is a follow up article that outlines tips to those whom already know the NLP Fast Phobia Cure and Trauma Relief Pattern. The cure or pattern itself, is not something that can be learned properly from a book, let alone a blog. It needs to be in a live NLP training environment with a trainer present, and is to be used in combination with an almost full NLP Practitioner toolset.

For the first article: NLP Fast Phobia Cure and Trauma Relief Pattern Tips – One

NLP fast phobia cure and trauma relief pattern tips

Safety zones

You run the risk of failing the fast phobia cure and trauma relief pattern almost entirely, if you are not picking a true moment of safety before the event happened and after. Need be you go back hours before, or even the day before if you have to. Example of  the last pattern I did, was a visit to a dentist by a woman when she was a little girl. She used her experience in the dentist chair, the moment of safety before to the moment of safety after. The pattern failed.  I used some milton model language, to get her brain search for the answer (instead of me having to guess.) The coin dropped 🙂 she also watched her sister go through the same thing, which added to the trauma. We then did the pattern from a moment of safety before they even got in to the dentists office, to a time well after leaving it. The pattern worked beautifully.

Black and white movie inside the projector booth

First work with dissociation. If that doesn’t work try playing the bottom half of the screen first, do the pattern on that. Then to the top half. Or every other minute (or second), and then the missing minutes in between. Remember, if the unconscious mind doesn’t want to cooperate in a patter, it has reasons for it! Something is not in place for the brain to safely play the movie.

Can’t drop the level of the fear further?

When you ask the client to rate the fear, from 1 being no fear and 10 being the worst and you can’t get it below level 2 or 3. Then you have wonder if the unconscious mind of the client isn’t absolutely right? First of all, a client usually rates their fear as 15 or a number like that, when asked to rate the fear from 1 to 10. So getting it down to a 2 or 3 is already a major success. In most cases, I ask the client if they are good with the number 2 or 3. After all, having a mild fear of snakes for instance, is completely justified as some snakes can be dangerous.

NLP fast phobia cure and trauma relief pattern tips – soon!

NLP Fast Phobia Cure and Trauma Relief Pattern Tips – Three coming soon….

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