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NLP: How to set a visual anchor?

Visual anchor

How do you set a visual anchor using NLP? Typically, inside of an NLP training kinesthetic anchoring is taught. But anchors can be set spatially, on an object, visually, auditory, etc. 

In todays online NLP training we talk about how to set a visual anchor.

How to set a visual anchor using NLP

Transcript: how to set a visual anchor using NLP

After finishing a Global NLP Training over in Bali, the previous question I had answered was about how to set an auditory anchor, so now I’m explaining how to set a visual anchor.

For example, I use this onstage a lot. I will have all of the process, step by step flip cards, and explanations on one side of the room, and I would have free flow and imagination things happening on the other side of the room. I often have the center stage anchored as neutral, a place where I could answer questions. If it’s procedural questions I often point or walk to one side, and if it’s free flow questions I walk to the other side. So that’s how I have it visually anchored on stage.

Logos are also a visual anchor, as well as other certain visuals you can do with your branding. Those are very much anchored. But you can do this intentionally. Every time you have to elicit a certain state, you could make a certain gesture. You could even combine it with an auditory anchor, like you saying a certain word in a certain tonality, and making a certain gesture. Those are ways to visually anchor.

I’ve also taught improv, people who improve, that any time that they are about to give the punchline they would be standing in a certain part of the stage in a certain way. Those are powerful visual anchors.

I hope this helps, and good luck; keep asking questions. 



Nine Things Successful People Do Differently – Heidi Grant Halvorson Ph.D

Former student

We are looking for a former Global NLP training student how played with the concept as to the how of setting a visual anchor.

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