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NLP & hypnosis: how do you quickly induce trance?

NLP induce trance

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How do you quickly induce trance? How can NLP and hypnosis facilitate?

This article introduces a simple technique for inducing a trance state, both for oneself and for others. This trance state can be used for NLP exercises, reducing nervousness or anxiety, or for expanding awareness in general. The technique is derived from samurais, who used it for increased awareness and the ability to sense opponents from all directions. 

NLP & Hypnosis: how do you quickly induce trance?

Transcript – NLP & hypnosis – how to quickly induce trance

So how can you trance yourself out or someone else out? Super easily, without any language patterns, without any NLP Milton Model, without any shenanigans, no pendulums, nothing at all. It’s very simple.

What you have to do is to find a spot, let’s say on the wall, above your eye level. You put your attention of your focus, of your visual focus, on this spot. No matter what happens in this exercise you do not take your eyes off this spot. And what you then start doing is you start to take in more information around this spot, visually, and you keep expanding that until you’re actually getting in the whole room that you’re in, the whole environment that you’re in. And then I want you to keep expanding that until it’s behind you.

Now what happens is that the brain starts to sink in a slight trance. You’re not out for the count. It’s not like you can undergo surgery without pain. But what happens is you trance out a little bit. And that is the space that you may like to be in when you do NLP exercises or when you want to reduce nervousness or anxiety in someone or whatever reason.

So that is a very simple, easy-peasy technique to do that. And yes, I also do this with my students and my clients if I’m… like a lazy way of getting someone to be a little bit more trancy, a little bit more open, a little bit more unconscious mind access, this is a very simple technique to do.

Where did I get this from? It’s actually not from the world of NLP. It is actually from the samurais. They did this exercise to actually have an awareness, an expanded awareness that would be all around, so that they can feel their opponents potentially attacking from behind them rather than have a narrow focus.

I personally find an expanded awareness, maybe not all the way around, but an expanded awareness as a trainer I find really useful so I can expand my awareness to get the whole group in, which means I get less details about the whole group and I can focus and… You could keep changing your vision. It’s another little tip out there.

Right now I’m in Los Angeles, Venice Beach. I’m actually around the corner of our training venue, the training condo. So if you’re interested in joining us in the future in Los Angeles.

How do you quickly induce trance yourself using NLP?



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