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NLP model of communication

Model of Communication

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What is the NLP Model of Communication?

The NLP model of communication provides a simple understanding as to how communication really works.

1. At any given time we are bombared with 2 million bits of information per second. This is not just everything we take in through our 5 senses, but also the awareness of our heart beating, and what our feet feel like inside our shoes.

2. Now we can not consciously process all that information, so we start filtering a lot of that information out. We bring it down to about 150 bits, which we then chunk together in 5-9 blocks of information. As you can see, a lot gets lost.

3. Now how do we decide what to filter out in the NLP Model of Communication? This is based on our past experiences, culture, personality type, etc.

4. We then create an internal representation of that, and this comes often in images or sounds.

5. That in turn starts to affect how we feel, and how our body responds (our physiology.)

6. This then causes us to behave, by which we start to create changes in our environment. We simply loop back to step 1, and it is an ongoing process.

Simpler model of NLP communication

1. We behave or say something.

2. That makes someone else feel something, gives them a perception.

3. They respond based on that.

4. That makes us feel something or have a perception.

5. Based on that, we respond. And the cycle goes on.

Food for thought

1. The explanation of this NLP model of communication should start giving you a clue that you have more influence over your communication than you think. What happens if you are upbeat and positive, and genuinely step into someone else shoes, from a place of acceptance? That affects someone else very differently, than when we don’t.

2. Ever went on a vacation with someone or out for dinner, and this other person would only notice everything that was wrong? The temperature of the food, the amount of sand on a beach, etc. Indeed, they filter out anything that is positive, while you, as a positive person, would notice the different colors of blue of the ocean, and how kind the waiter is.

The NLP model communication shows us how important it is to start using the right filter in order to increase our own happiness and success.



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