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NLP motivation strategy


An NLP motivation strategy, you ask? There are many. Below a very simple one, created by Robert Dilts. The nice thing about this NLP motivation strategy is that it can easily be:

– Enhanced with other NLP motivation tools.

– Enhanced with other coaching or goal setting tools.

– Combines several basic NLP Practitioner concepts.

– Can be done very quickly.

Works well as a daily visualization for motivation towards a goal or an activity you need to do on a regular basis.

    NLP motivation strategy

    1. Introduction

    Set-up NLP motivation strategy.

    Imagine yourself in the future already having achieved the goal, or outcome. Experience it associated, meaning you are looking through your own eyes, and you can see, hear and feel exactly what you would at that moment in time. Hone in on something very important value that you would be meeting by doing so.

    2. Visual

    Experiment with making the visual brighter, more colorful, larger., bringing it closer Experiment with adjusting the sound by making it louder, surround sound, intensity, bringing it closer even adding music. The outcome of the experiment is to intensify the feeling.

    3. Kinesthetic

    Any feelings you have inside the body, intensify them in any way you can, double the feeling, or create an intensity dial in your mind and crank that feeling up.

    4. Movie

    Remember those feelings and see a movie of yourself, doing those things of the things you need to do to achieve the outcome or goal.

    You can also play the movie as seen through the own eyes. Association will allow the feelings to come out more. Seeing yourself, is useful as well to create dissociation to understand what steps need to be taken without emotions getting in the way.


    What this NLP motivation strategy does, it ignites the central nervous system by focusing on the outcome rather than just the behavior.

    There are many NLP motivation strategies, this is just one of them.



    Mindset: The New Psychology of Success – Carol Dweck, Ph.D


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