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NLP pattern to beat procrastination


An NLP pattern for procrastination are plentiful in both an NLP Practitioner training as well as Master Practitioner. Even though most recent graduates don’t realize. Among the top 5 problems I have actually found among my NLP coaching clients is procrastination. I think it is something that we all suffer from to a degree, but interestingly many clients who seek coaching from me are successful people who seek my services because they feel they should be doing more.

Perhaps anyone who “suffers” from procrastination are people who have high expectations of themselves. While the people who simply procrastinate and don’t care are perhaps simply lazy or have a lack follow-through to reach success.

In a series of articles I will offer one NLP pattern each which are mostly my own original designs. Some more complicated patterns for the NLP Master Practitioner, but most will be easy for anyone to apply.

Simple NLP pattern for procrastination

1. Close your eyes, imagine seeing yourself working on the task, the actions that you would be doing all the way towards that moment in the future where the job is already done. See how happy you look, how has this affected you?

2. Then imagine the same moment, but this time you are looking through your own eyes (associated future pace.) What would you see, hear and feel at that moment in time?

3. Make the image slightly larger (or move it slightly closer) and adjust the brightness in order for the feelings to intensify. If they subside go back to the original configuration.

4. Consider 3 benefits specifically that you have obtained as a result of doing the process (not so much reaching the goal itself.) For instance we could have learned from the process. Perhaps practiced new NLP techniques for procrastination on this project. We were able to listen to music. Etc.

5. Consider 3 benefits specifically that you will obtain as a result of reaching the goal?

6. Consider 3 benefits specifically that you would obtain if procrastination would never be a part of your life again?

7. Start doing the activity you are procrastinating on immediately after. Even if is for only half an hour.



Mindset: The New Psychology of Success – Dr. Carol Dweck


NLP training – how to fix procrastination

Next week another NLP pattern to beat procrastination.

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