NLP Coaching Contracts

The only contracts sold covering NLP coaching & fully customizeable forms.


A group of experienced professionals created the ultimate toolkit for coaches who use NLP. 

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Master all the tools of NLP Practitioner one activity at a time - Weekly as of Jan 1st, 2024.


Practice NLP in business meetings, conversations with people, and everywhere you go - learn by doing.

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Language and Magic NLP Practitioner

Take the best post-NLP training study tool with you everywhere you travel and work-out!


Brainwash yourself in NLP language after a training? 52 bite-sized recordings with NLP language totaling a whopping 4.5 hours of value. Transcripts included.

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An easy to implement business model with a higher success rate than social media.


A trialed and tested method to gain visibility, get clients easily & make being a good person your branding.

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Language and Magic NLP Master

The best study tool for our former students who took the Global NLP full immersion training.


These audios are organized by ingredients, you can practice full patterns or the techniques you created yourself. Bundled with NLP Practitioner the total fee is $74.

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Client Intake Form

Client Intake Form

Free Until January 14th, 2024

2-page customizable Canva template + PDF.

While of Life Canva

Wheel of Life Worksheets & Templates


4-Page customizable CANVA template + printable PDF .

The NLP Wheel of Life  Guidebook for NLP-based coaching.

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Self-Worth Protection Worksheets and NLP

Self-Worth Protection Worksheets & Template


6- Page customizable CANVA template + printable PDFs. 

NLP Handbook for the Self-Worth Protection Worksheets

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Canva Coaching Templates Growth Map

Growth Journey Map Worksheets & Template


7-Page Customizable CANVA Template + Printable PDFs 

A custom-designed NLP technique to use with these worksheets.

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Negave Self-Talk worksheets

Negative Self-Talk Worksheet & Template


3-Page customizable Canva template + printable PDFs.

Includes  a handbook about NLP Reframing as an ideal companion to these worksheets.

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Coaching Journal Self Discovery Template

90 Day Self-Discovery Journal Template


112-Page customizable Canva template + Printable PDFs.

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Boundaries Affirmation Cards Template Canva

Boundaries Affirmation Cards


25-page customizable Canva template + PDF.

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Client Intake Form

Client Intake Form

Free Until December 21st, 2023

2-page customizable Canva template + PDF.



Free Audio Product

The Goal Mastery NLP Visualization

Prime your brain to reach goals and crush obstacles with this NLP visualization. We have included do-It-yourself instructions for coaches.

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Unlocking Your Potential

Learn 7 simple NLP techniques top performers use. Change the way you think, feel, and take action. And help others achieve the same.

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With 25K+ installs, this is the most downloaded NLP software on the internet. The best of Simply Global NLP in the palm of your hand.

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