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NLP technique: start claiming victory over your limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs

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Is there an NLP technique to eliminate limiting beliefs? And for this to be useful for coaches or people interested in personal development who have never taken an NLP training? That’s a question I asked myself when I was preparing to join Conroy Browne and Dr. Allie Wright on their new podcast series You in Progress. The first season has been taped and is now in editing.

I am excited to see what happens when a psycho-therapist and an NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist & intuitive healer join forces. And engage in dialogue with professionals and experts from different methodologies. Because let’s be honest, sometimes it takes a village to get the most suitable and perfect help—especially where it comes to the topic of limiting beliefs. At the end of the podcast, I wanted to offer an NLP technique for the audience to start eliminating their liming beliefs, and I promised to share it on this blog.

What is a Limiting Belief?

In the NLP training, I always teach that a limiting belief is something we trust to be true. They become limiting if they hold us back in some way.

When you think about it, a limiting belief:

Can be about ourselves, which results in low self-esteem, low self-worth, lack of self-regard, etc.

Can be about others, which results in being judgmental, racist, unaccepting, etc.

NLP technique: discover the positive intent behind the limiting belief

What would happen if you closed your eyes and imagined that you could allow your limiting belief float out of your body, and you could place it in the palm of your hand or on a surface in front of you.

Does it look like anything? Does it have a color? A shape?

Is it moving, or is it still?

If I were to touch it, what does it feel like? Does it have a texture? A temperature? What is the weight?

Does it make a sound?

In a moment, you will ask it a question. But before you do, you must realize that limiting beliefs and their positive intent are hardly logical, or even a conscious thought or dialogue in the mind. They are unconscious, like a gut feeling, an internal sense, an intuitive thought, an internal knowing. It may not even speak in words.

Ask the limiting representation in front of you: “What is the positive intent that you have in mind for me?”

What would happen if you asked it: “At what age were you born?” (Don’t worry if you get no answer, this is not for everyone.)

The thing is, you must meet this positive intent in some way, other than having the limiting belief.

NLP technique: discovering the roadmap to wholeness

Close your eyes again, put the representation in front of you if it helps.

What is this positive intent part of that’s more important and bigger than that?

What does it connect into? Lead to, that’s bigger?

(Again, we are interested in an intuitive answer, not logical.)

Keep asking this question to every outcome. Eventually, you can not go higher. You end up in something like the universe, source, love, purpose, god, peace, etc.

The stepping stones you now have are THE path for you to reach wholeness. You need to focus and meet these values and positive intents in some way again to achieve well-being.

NLP technique: looking at the different perspectives behind a limiting belief

What would happen if you imagined seeing yourself on a movie screen with this limiting belief? Let’s consider this a space of non-emotion, where you are scientific and neutral observer.

What is it that you learn if you properly reality tested your limiting beliefs?

What would happen if you floated your awareness into whatever is wholeness or source to you? And you looked at yourself (and the other person) from this space? A space of love, forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance etc.

What is it that you learn?

What if you floated your awareness into someone you love a lot! Who beliefs in you. Who believes you are magnificent, strong, special, brilliant, and beautiful. And you looked at yourself from this perspective.

What is it that you learn?

For a person who takes NLP Master Practitioner with us, we dive deep into fixing limiting beliefs, even those that were born in significant emotional events.



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