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NLP Technique to Stop Worrying Instantly


You don’t really need an NLP technique to stop worrying. This might sound a little strange because the easiest way to stop worrying involves a very simple understanding. The brain cannot engage in worry unless it is on, analyzing, computing, interpreting. If you learn to pinpoint the very first physical sensation or any cue in your environment, you typically have at least 5 seconds before the brain switches on. The best action you can take is to immediately do something, even if it is just a distraction or getting more oxygen into your brain. The latter is particularly useful when anxiety precedes worry.

Did you know that people spend on average 1-2 hours a day worrying? This equals 12-14 hours a week, and nearly 2 months out of the year. Why we aren’t putting worrying high on our list for personal development and transformation, and safeguarding our mental health, is beyond me.

What is Worrying and What Causes It?

How to Successfully Worry?

NLP Practitioners aren’t so much interested in “why” we do something as they are in “how” we do it. We think more solution-based rather than problem-based.

The Present

We can worry in both the present and the future. It usually manifests in the present when we start to worry about something going wrong at the time somewhere else. I remember that when I was a teenager going to a party, as soon as I would come home my mom would be downstairs to greet me. Why? Because she was worrying about my well-being in bed.

We are associated; we can see, hear, feel, smell, and taste our experience of something going wrong elsewhere. We may even experience from another person’s perspective (the second perceptual position of Neuro-Linguistic Programming), where we see, hear, and feel what another person is experiencing. Like my mom worrying about something going wrong in my world.

The Future

We can also worry in the future, where we associate into the experience of something going wrong in the future. If lucky, we use this information to prevent this from happening. But if our brain doesn’t work as optimally as that, we get stuck in the negative emotion, perhaps even to the point that we fight, flight, or freeze. Our worry prevents us from leading our best lives.

As part of the basic NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner toolset, there isn’t a “How to stop worrying” NLP technique. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or cannot be developed.

 15 Second NLP Technique to Stop Worrying

Neuro-Linguistic Programming uses two frequently used concepts or terms.


Experiencing the world, as seen through your own eyes, You experience or re-experience any given environment, memory, or future context as if it is happening right in this moment. You would see what you would see, you would hear what you would hear, and feel what you would feel.

You can use association to float into a memory, present, future, or an entirely imagined experience that evokes a space where there are no worries. Think about experiencing association taking an action, that would prevent things from going wrong. Or you could even imagine that you are on a beautifully relaxing beach. Or a moment in your past where you successfully completed a challenge.


If you were to float yourself out of your body, you would see yourself, As an observer, there would be no emotion.

Since we can only experience the feeling of worry associated, to dissociate from the matter will help a great deal.

A 30 Second NLP Technique to Stop Worrying

This simple NLP technique allows us to use either association or dissociation, whichever works for you.

Instead of ending the movie or experience in the middle of the movie where disaster strikes, or where you are working hard to prevent the problem from escalating, make the movie longer.

Make the movie a day longer, a week, a month, a year. Notice what happens. The brain can not attach to this concept and worry.

1-Minute NLP Techniques to Stop Worrying

Using Sound & Action

This is a very simple NLP Practitioner level tool:

Step 1: Play the movie of your worrisome experience any way you like.

Step 2: Think of a piece of music that both motivates you and gets you pumped to take charge.

Step 3: Play the movie of the worry, and imagine taking action to prevent it from happening or fixing it before it even happens.
Play the music in your mind at the same time.

Using Visual Changes

Step 1: Imagine the event that worries you.

Step 2: Turn it into a photograph.
Style the photograph in the manner of your favorite photographer or painter.

Step 3: Quickly move the image into the distance in your mind’s eye while making it smaller until it disappears.

NLP Technique: Exploring the Positive Intent

Close your eyes, and quiet your mind (if you can), and ask your intuition, your unconscious mind, your internal sense, your internal knowing, your gut this question: “What is the positive intent, value, or benefit that you gain through worrying?” You wouldn’t be worrying if you didn’t derive something from it.

I start worrying when I feel a sense of fear, where I do not control the outcome. When I explore the positive intent, I usually find “safety,” which means the worry arises because I need to take some form of action. It signals me to focus, acting like an internal alarm bell that says I need to ensure safety.

Sometimes, I also find the answer “relaxation & peace.” This may seem odd, but when stress underlies the worry, it makes total sense. If I could find peace or relax in that moment, there would be no worry.

5-Minute NLP Technique to Stop Worrying

Now, let’s apply what we have learned above in a larger NLP technique.

Close your eyes.

Step 1: Explore the positive intent behind the worry.

Step 2: Locate the feeling of worry inside your body, and see if you can release or transform it.

Step 3: Imagine the positive intent has a color, and send this color to the feeling inside your body.

Step 4: Dissociate yourself from the worry. You would see yourself as an observer with no emotion.

Step 5: Turn it into a photograph, turn it black and white (or dim it), and push it into the distance while making it smaller.

Step 6: Take a deep breath. Think about what action you could take to prevent the worry from happening. What do you control?

Step 7: From the small, dim image far away from you, bring it closer, make it colorful, and associate into taking the mitigating action. Turn it into a movie.

You could play the motivating music.

Step 8: At the end of the movie, having successfully navigated and resolved the worry-context, make it very vivid, large, loud, and notice the different energy spreading through your body.


You probably realize that I could have developed many more NLP Techniques to Stop Worrying using the above context.


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