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NLP Training: 5 Simple communication tools


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Simple NLP tools in a mini online NLP training? Challenge accepted!

Going over the registration forms for our upcoming NLP Training on Bali, I noticed how many people want to improve their communication. I asked myself the question what 10 simple tips I would give someone who can not afford an NLP Training.

An important thing to remember that communication tools have a broad spectrum. NLP tools for communication can facilitate shifting emotions, perceptions, verbal behavior, non-verbal, conscious and unconscious etc.

NLP training: 5 Simple communication tools

To pick 5 simple communication tools was interesting, as there are so many nuggets offered inside an NLP training.

Tip 1 – Light up the brain using NLP

When you talk to someone, describe everything both visually, auditorily and Kinesthetically (feeling or touch.)

For example…
You see……
It sounds like…..
You will feel……

Tip 2 – Stepping into the other persons’ shoes

Float your mind into the other person’s shoes and imagine what their world is like. What does it feel like to be them? How does this person experience the situation or the world around them?

Tip 3 – Imagine the outcome

Imagine what you wish the outcome of your communication to be. And then start communicating. Often people only focus on the process of communicating, rather than the outcome they want to achieve. Y could consider the understanding of your communication a goal in itself.

Tip 4 – Right amount vagueness (Milton Model.)

In NLP training, we teach the two models of communication, one that helps people go more unconscious (Milton Model) and another that allows someone to become more consciously aware (Meta Model.) We naturally gravitate towards one or the other.

Tape & study yourself. And ask yourself the question if someone else could create a movie in their mind of what you are explaining or communicating?

Ask yourself:
What specifically?
Who specifically?
How specifically?

Tip 5 – Right amount specifics (Meta Model)

If someone had to create a movie in their mind of what you are saying, would it be too long and detailed? Fails to get to the point quickly? Too much information to make the movie exciting, persuasive, and enjoyable?

Use words that end with -tion, -ence, -ance. -ence, -ess, -ity. -dom, a little more.

For example:



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