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Should you get a coaching office? (part 2)

Coaching office

Should you have a coaching office, part 1


For a starting coach, I recommend doing thorough research. Common inexpensive places for a coach to start is a shared office. There are plenty of psychotherapists, psychologists, medical professionals whom don’t work full time and would love to share an office space.

Sharing a coaching office

Another recommendation I would like to give is consider teaming up with other professionals, in order for both of you to piggy back off each others clients. Coaching or NLP based coaching wonderfully compliments with psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, or any kind of bodywork. Students of mine have found their coaching homes in the buildings of therapists, chiropractors, general practitioners, vocational guidance council, etc.


As  a new coach, you may want to convince someone with a more established business to donate or rent the space to you cheaply. After all, you can drive in customers, and offer a complimentary service, you will make the established business look good!


Now if any of this isn’t your cup of tea. You are left with two choices: coach anywhere except your own office, coaching from your home.

 Next week: “Tips for Selecting a Coaching Office!”


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