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Struggling to get someone off the phone?

Struggling to get someone off the phone

Struggling to get someone off the phone? It can happen to the best of us. 

Are you looking for creative ways to wrap up a phone call without feeling like you’ve been rude? If this sound familiar, then it’s time to hone your skills as a  and learn some clever tactics on how to break away from lengthy phone conversations. 

Struggling to get someone off the phone?

Video transcript: struggling to get someone off the phone?

So, sometimes, you get a call and you are struggling to get someone off the phone when you need to go. Well, have you ever considered that when people get off the phone that they use a certain tonality and speed? Usually people start talking faster and say things like “I gotta go, I gotta go.” Sounds a little choppier and it sounds like they have somewhere else to go that is really important and that they’re in a rush. If you keep building rapport during a phone conversation, and even worse keep asking questions, the conversation will never end because it feels comfortable for the other person on the other end of the line that they get your undivided attention.

A very simple trick to do, other than using your getting off the phone voice (“I gotta go, great, great, talk to you next week”) is sort of like using language by which you say we’re discontinuing the conversation now so we can continue it later. “Great, great, let’s talk about that next time.” “Okay, let’s meet up for lunch and talk about that next time,” or “the next time that I talk to you on the phone let’s talk about that. Great, great.”

What is very interesting to me is that the moment that I’m on the phone with someone that doesn’t want to get out of the phone call with me is the moment that I stop sitting. Usually I sit while on the phone, sometimes I have my eyes closed and I focus on the conversation so I can really listen to them, but I find the moment that I start walking around, looking around, breathing a little bit faster into the phone, it sounds like I’m already on my way or I’m already involved in the next thing. That really helps to get someone off the phone.



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