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The Best Life Coaches to Follow in 2024

Best Coaches Change

The landscape of personal and professional development is ever-evolving, and the question of “who are the best life coaches to follow in 2024” doesn’t have an easy answer. The most significant change in life coaching and personal development is that being a “generalist” isn’t enough anymore.

Personal development and coaching have become increasingly mainstream, prompting people to seek more in-depth information tailored to their problems, obstacles, goals, and dreams.

Another challenge is that some of the best life coaches may not have the most informative content on their social media channels, and they are stingy when sharing information. Alternatively, they may let their teams of copywriters create content, and it often shows! The content typically doesn’t go beyond the basics and lacks the coach’s distinctive voice.

Who Are the Best Life Coaches to Follow Today?

The best life coach to follow depends on who you are. If you are a person with a recent interest in personal development or someone interested in becoming a life coach, you are best off looking at the generalists, such as Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Brendon Burchard, etc.

However, consider these individuals if you are looking for something more specific. They consistently provide excellent content!

Esther Perel

Esther Perel is a Belgian-American psychotherapist and coach renowned in relationship coaching. Her book, “Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence“, delves into the intricacies of relationships. Perel generously shares a wealth of resources for couples and couple therapists on all social media channels. Her expertise focuses on creating vibrant relationships, fostering increased connection between couples, and redefining eroticism.

Instagram: @estherperelofficial
Youtube: Esther Perel

Lisa A Romano

Lisa Romano is a superstar in the realm of life coaching, specializing in assisting clients in overcoming co-dependency, narcissistic abuse, people-pleasing, and childhood trauma. She is voted the #1 most influential person of 2020 and readily shares her expertise online.

Instagram: @lisaaromano
Youtube: Lisa A Romano

Aaron Doughty

Aaron Doughty is a life coach and spiritual teacher who adeptly connects personal development with spirituality. While many life coaches attempting a similar approach may be cringe-worthy, Aaron delivers invaluable content for those interested in the synergy between spiritual teachings and personal development.

Instagram: @aarondoughty44
Youtube: Aaron Doughty

Tiffany Aliche

Tiffany Aliche, also known as The Budgetnista, is the author of the New York Times Bestseller “Get Good with Money,” she has significantly impacted the lives of millions of women with her expertise in financial management. In the contemporary landscape of life coaching, one of the crucial and often overlooked niches is financial management. Unlike the abundance of channels focused on extravagant claims of 100K months and side hustles, Tiffany Aliche provides real-world, practical advice that resonates with real-life situations. She has truly excelled in this space.

Instagram: @thebudgetnista
Youtube: The Budgetnista

Lisa Bilyeu

Lisa Bilyeu, the co-founder of Impact Theory, is a notable figure in female empowerment and confidence. Opting for an expert in female empowerment allows for a specialized focus, distinct from generalists like Tom Bilyeu, who earned an honorable mention on my list of coaches. In a landscape where female empowerment is a popular and crucial topic, Lisa Bilyeu stands out for delivering exceptional content that resonates with her audience. 

Instagram: @lisabilyeu
Youtube: Lisa Bilyeu

Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer is a  Rapid Transformational Therapy trainer, therapist, and expert in hypnotherapy. She consistently provides invaluable content for individuals interested in changing human behavior, addressing low self-esteem, and overcoming addiction. Recognized as the Best British Therapist by Men’s Health Magazine, Marisa Peer is a leading figure, offering expertise and valuable insights in her content.

Instagram: @marisapeertherapy
Youtube: Marisa Peer

Teal Swan

Teal Swan is a thought leader in mental health and emotional healing, specializing in niche topics. While she often provides insights and guidance in mental health, emotional healing, and personal development, she doesn’t explicitly identify as a life coach. Instead, Teal Swan is known for her work on stage, writing several best-seller books, and delivering powerful content and perspectives on overcoming difficult or traumatic pasts. Her channel can be highly beneficial for individuals seeking support and understanding in these areas.

Instagram: @tealswanofficial
Youtube: Teal Swan

Marie Forleo

A giant in business coaching, entrepreneurship, personal development, and spirituality, she hosts MarieTV and is tje New York Times bestselling author of ‘Everything is Figureoutable.’ Anyone seeking guidance on building a business and creating a fulfilling life will inevitably find their way to her channels. She is incredibly generous with information.

Instagram: @marieforleo
Youtube: Marie Forleo

Gabrielle Bernstein

In the realm of life coaching and spirituality, you must recognize Gabrielle Bernstein, who consistently provides valuable content. If you’re a fan of ‘A Course in Miracles,’ you’ll appreciate Bernstein’s work, as her books and podcast seamlessly integrate and align with its principles.

Instagram: @gabbybernstein
Youtube: Gabby Bernstein

Dr. Nicole LePera

Dr. Nicole LePera, also known as “the holistic psychologist,” isn’t a coach, but she challenges numerous norms in traditional psychology, making it feel like life coaching at its absolute best. Her work is incredibly trauma-informed.  She maintains an extremely popular Instagram channel filled with valuable content that you’ll find applicable in your day-to-day life and work. Dr. LePera is the author of the New York Times bestselling books “How To Do The Work” and “How to Meet Your Self.” Additionally, she is the founder of the virtual healing platform SelfHealers Circle.

Read: Book Review of How to Do the Work by Nicole LePera

Instagram: @the.holistic.psychologist
Youtube: The Holistic Psychologist

Honorable Mentions as the Best Life Coaches to Follow

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a generalist and an absolute must-follow in the realm of personal development. For those aspiring to understand what effective life coaching looks like on a large stage, Tony is the go-to figure to learn from. One aspect that bugs me about Tony social media is that his written content seems to be written by his team, rather than him.

Brandon Burchard

Anyone interested in personal development for over three seconds will know who Brendon Burchard is. Specializing in high-performance coaching, he has authored three international New York Times bestsellers and has been incredibly generous in sharing great content.

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is best known for his book ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.’ As one of the top leadership experts globally, he stands out as the best example of a coach turned social entrepreneur and humanitarian. There is very little that I don’t love about the content he has been sharing for the last two decades.

Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins operates in the domains self-esteem, confidence, and overcoming self-doubt. She is a brilliant and sought-after speaker, bestselling author, and podcaster. Mel brings a no-nonsense and authentic flair to the table, which I love. Her best-selling book, ‘The 5-Second Rule,’ may be a simplistic tool, but that’s what makes it brilliant and effective!

Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols is a household name due to her work in the movie ‘The Secret.’ However, she is much more than that – a brilliant life coach and motivational speaker.

Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu, the co-creator of Impact Theory, has designed a platform to provide tools for self-improvement and success. He is brilliant for individuals interested in personal development and reaching their fullest potential.

How to Become the Best Life Coach

Becoming a successful life coach involves embarking on a journey of continuous learning and self-improvement.

Here are some steps to consider:

Learn a Proven Methodology

Instead of opting for traditional training, focus on mastering a proven life coaching methodology. Examples include NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence (EQi2), VIA Character Strengths, and Non-Violent Communication.

This practical approach allows you to tailor your coaching style and deliver tangible results, moving beyond generic life coaching information that can easily be learned from a book.

Reading Books

Expand your knowledge by reading books on positive psychology, personal development, and coaching. Authors such as Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard offer valuable insights into personal growth and success.

Learn from Other Coaches

Connect with established coaches, attend workshops, and seek mentorship. Learning from experienced professionals provides valuable real-world insights and accelerates your growth as a coach.

Learn from Experts in NLP, Neuroscience & Positive Psychology 

Understanding the fundamentals of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), neuroscience, and positive psychology enhances your coaching toolkit. These disciplines contribute to effective communication and behavior change.

Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Life Coaching in 2024

As we navigate the evolving landscape of life coaching and personal development in 2024, it’s crucial to pinpoint our specific needs. Instead of solely relying on generalists like Tony Robbins and Brandon Burchard, seeking information from specialists in their respective fields is paramount. These are the best life coaches to follow.

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