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Tips to practice the milton model (infographic)


The Milton Model is an important part of NLP. Global NLP Training prefers to first teach a core, than in the training expand from there. This approach is different from other training schools, I myself have done multiple NLP practitioner trainings even with some “famous” names, but was left feeling very unconfident. The Milton Model was “too hard” to do, and causing feelings of incongruence. This is why I prefer to teach the Milton Model already in earlier parts of the class, without “officially” covering it, the approach of learning a foreign language by spending time abroad versus learning a language by studying grammer and dictionaries. And then by the time I officially teach the Milton Model, we play games and do fun activities. This is also how you practice the Milton Model post class. Make it fun.

Tips to Practice the Milton Model

1. Focus on one part of the milton model, instead of the entire model.

2. Write down 3 milton model sentences a day that you can use in any context you have planned for that day (and use them.)

3. Set a well formed outcome (goal) to master the Milton Model in 3 months, by practicing 15 minutes a day.

4. Use the following words more and trust the rest of the sentence will easily fall into place: notice, easily, but, observe, imagine, now, which, or.

5. Spend a couple of days using words that end with “-ly” as much as possible: possibly, easily, naturally etc.

6. Write down as many nominalizations as possible. These are words you can’t see, hear or feel. It is unknown who is doing it, and how it is done. Examples: motivation, happiness, integrity, acceptance etc.

7. Below the infographic a video using values inside in the Milton Model, which is more of a tip for NLP Master Practitioners.

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