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Using NLP to fix brain fog

brain fog

As an NLP trainer, I often get asked if people are using NLP to fix brain fog. Brain fog has become a more prevalent conversation in the news lately. Personally, I have also observed it more in my own life as well as with students and clients globally.

So, what exactly IS brain fog? Well, what it ISN’T is an actual medical condition. It’s actually just a term used for certain symptoms which can affect your ability to think. It’s characterized by confusion, forgetfulness and a general lack of focus and/or mental clarity.

What are the causes of brain fog?

– Lack of sleep

– Hormonal changes

– Diet

– Medication

– Medical conditions

But also:

– Stress

– Isolation

– Uncertainty

For myself, my experience of brain fog is hormonal, which in and of itself can not be fixed using NLP. But as an NLP trainer, I like to think in terms of solutions rather than problems. Getting my hormones back under control has definitely been a goal in its own right, for which I use NLP when it comes to things like: completing tasks such as research, lifestyle changes, shifting my diet, intermittent fasting, sleeping, adjusting my workouts, and removing any limitations I may feel. Also, when I experience brain fog when it comes to memory and confusion, I can quickly step into a place of acceptance using NLP and from a calm place, I pick-up my train of thought and regain myself.

Using NLP to fix brain fog

You can use NLP to fix brain fog with this very simple techique.

Step 1: Out of the above causes, determine what specifically is likely causing your brain fog?

Step 2: What specifically would you like to achieve?
It must be phrased stating what you do want, rather than what you don’t.
It must be something you are going to do, rather than make someone else do.
It must be something that is realistic and good for yourself (eg. quitting medication may not be a good idea.)

Step 3: Step into this version of yourself, and imagine what you would see, hear, and feel already having achieved this goal. Make it as real as possible within your mind.

Step 4: When you consider the time between the present moment and the moment you have fixed your brain fog, can you play a movie in some detail that indicates you know the steps and have the information you need to fix this issue?

If yes, go to step number 6.

Step 5: Dedicate 1.5 hours of your time, without any distractions at all. Use this time to google solutions for the causes of your brain fog. Example: 1) Dietary changes to reduce brain fog 2) using NLP to reduce stress, 3) how to improve sleep, etc.

Or consult an expert on the topic.

Step 6: What specifically will you do to solve or reduce this problem?

Step 7: What specifically are the steps to to solve this problem, and what is their order?

Step 8: Step into the first step, and imagine what you will see, hear and feel.

Step 9: Step into the second step and imagine what you will see, hear and feel until you are at the end goal.

Step 10: If there is an obstacle that could get in your way, what specifically could you do to navigate it?

Step 11: Imagine seeing yourself navigating this obstacle all the way up to the end goal.

Step 12: Associate into you again at the end of the goal, and what you will see, hear and feel.

Steps 8 – 12 could be repeated on a daily basis.

Want to hire an NLP coach to help you navigate brain fog? Feel free to contact us, we have trained students in NLP from around the world.



The Brain Fog Fix: Reclaim Your Focus, Memory, and Joy in Just 3 Weeks – Dr. Mike Dow


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