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What is expanded awareness?


A student asked me the other day: “what is expanded awareness?” I referenced in class that I often teach from this point of view.

We can take in more information from the world around us, both in terms in what is observed from a rational conscious state,  as well as subjective experience. You can sense more than your 5 senses allow.

Expanded awareness is said to be practiced by Samurais. Who were required to notice an enemy coming from beyond what could be sensed in a normal state of awareness?

Other than that, I find it extremely useful in training and coaching. It allows me to take in more information from the client in coaching. As well as the ability to notice what is going on in an entire room of people.

Also you can induce a state of relaxation or trance in yourself, or others if you guide them towards a state of expanded awareness. I find it extremely useful to do on transatlantic flights, which I like to do from an altered state so I can zone out, or play with my own brain. After all, how can you NOT use NLP in moments when you are trying to preserve your sanity. You may as well put your brain to some good use, even in economy class!

What is the expanded awareness technique?
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