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Why should coaches who took an NLP training charge more?

charge more

Yes, I do believe that coaches who took an NLP training should charge more. I realize this statement may rub non-NLP-trained coaches the wrong way. I am not sure why that is, as it is fairly common in any profession for people who trained in different schools or in different fields of study to make different amounts of money. And the good news here is that nothing stops a person to take an NLP training.

Often coaches don’t know what choices to make

Often new coaches:

– Buy into the “marketing” of organizations in the coaching world, that claim to be “legitimate” or the gold standard for a coach to be legitimate. Unfortunately, these are not always the best organizations out there.

– Avoid the investment in a good training program.

– Purchase courses created by social media influencers. In reality, that is more about buying into marketing, than signing up for a quality class that is taught by an experienced coach and teacher.

My short answer as to why NLP coaches can charge more is simply recommending you to contact our office where we can provide you with a syllabus — offering complete transparency about what is covered each day, and you can then compare it to any other (NLP) training program. You can then see why my students justifiably charge at least 10% more.

I have been in the coaching profession since before the term coaching was even used — it was still called consulting. I have been a soft skills and psychological tools trainer since 1997, and have been training others in various coaching methodologies since 2007. As a student, I have studied all major coaching methodologies currently available. And yet, I always keep coming back to NLP. My coaching company does no marketing, has no website, has no social media account — people simply approach me to be coached.

I have TRIED to step away from NLP. It is such a hard thing to explain, and since it was created in the 1970s I have been waiting for that more modern, more effective, novel approach. And I keep being disappointed, and I keep going back to NLP. On a good day, it is something I add to my coaching toolbox as a technique that I sometimes use, versus one that I always use. NLP being a superior methodology is one of the main reasons why NLP coaches can (and should) charge more.

Why can coaches who took an NLP training charge more money?

Most non-NLP-trained coaches train around the concept of “accountability.” A life wheel is done as a survey as to how someone is doing. A goal is set, and then tasks are determined on a weekly basis. The coach holds the client accountable to do it. And this works! However, it stops working when people seek coaching for more than just reaching a goal, or a presenting problem gets in the way of reaching a goal.

– NLP is still the coaching methodology out there that gets the best results.

– It is still a methodology that gets the best results more easily and quickly. Both for the coach as well as the client.

– Clients need fewer NLP sessions than they do when utilizing other methodologies in order to get results.

– NLP Practitioners can work with both the conscious as well as the unconscious mind. Often what stands in the way of us reaching our fullest potential is not our logical conscious mind, but that part inside of us that is unconscious and simply won’t reach this potential.

– NLP Practitioners can work with common human emotions like anger, frustration, irritation, fears, phobias, demotivation, etc., where other coaches can not. A good question to ask any coach is: “do you use techniques to deal with fears or phobias?” If the coach doesn’t respond with a solid answer, back away from them as a client. As isn’t fear a common human emotion?

– Master Practitioners (provided they are trained in an in-depth NLP training program) can also work with shame, grief, guilt, anxiety, etc.

– NLP is a lifetime of learning. Coaches will keep developing themselves in their mastery; whereas, with other methodologies, the ceiling is reached fairly quickly. This means that among NLP coaches, you can find the type of mastery that comes with years of application, development, and practice.

– A person who can design their own interventions can work with any client, as long as this client is not mentally ill. They can work with any presenting problem, roadblock, curveball, life story, or any challenge in life. This includes topics such as self-esteem, not feeling good enough, struggles with authenticity, etc.

At a coaching symposium with the most widely recognized coaching certification programs out there, I proposed for all of us to demonstrate how we do a session with a stranger in the audience. And all but one refused, and the president of the most known international coaching body pretty much melted down. I wasn’t shocked.

Coming soon on this blog: “How to determine your NLP coaching rates.



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