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10 Day transformation

10 Day Transformation

10 Day Transformation

The 10 day transformation created by Purium (USA) and Platinum (Europe) is a system that changed lives of an ever increasing large group of people in my personal and professional world with Global NLP Training. A group of 15 students teamed up with me for 10 days in August 2015, it was a great success and it was easy!  The network of people doing this around us kept growing, people signed up family, friends, and coaching clients. So I signed up as a distributor, and made this product part of my own daily life as a meal replacement & a superfood boost. It is natural system, organic, and 100% no-GMOs. A lot of people are aware that I am the only NLP Trainer who sports a 100 pound weight loss (which I did on better food and exercise), but what people don’t know that my physical addiction to carbs never went away, and I gained some of it back. Until this product.

The 10 Day Transformation Is More Than Just a Cleanse!

I would call it a “permanently and organically supercharged” cleanse which makes it transforming. The cool thing is I have been doing the 10 day transformation during the NLP training and coaching certification training as well (I do one every 3-4 months or so.) Where I stand teaching and doing heavy duty NLP demonstrations 16 days in a row with only 1 day off, and manage a business in the evening. This is because you are allowed to eat from a list of what we call flex-foods, but also because the system is so well balanced. Frankly, the last days of the cleanse I barely even feel like eating at all. The hardest part for me is really the no coffee, I will be honest about that.

The Results of Our 10 Day Transformation Project

Here are some of the results of the initial group of 15 who started in August 2015:

  • A crazy amount of weight loss (most already lost 5 pounds within 3-4 days)
  • Cut food addiction
  • Faster metabolism
  • Feeling energized & sleep like a log at night
  • Feeling clean on the inside, detox!
  • Lifestyle and habitual changes that are permanent (as far as we can say now)
  • Muscle gain
  • Reduction of joint pain
  • Disappearing of symptoms of Fybromyalgia
  • Changing tastes for food (crave vegetables, not carbs)
  • Post-cleanse people still using the products as meal replacements.

People tend to loose 5-20 pounds of weight in 10 days and feeling absolutely amazing at the end.

Many of us have done several cleanses now, because we enjoy the process and love the yield. All professional coaches who did it, signed up as a distributor! Even those of us who resisted for years stepping into any kind of product sales. Yes, I admit I even evangelized for years AGAINST Multi-Level Marketing (as a corporate evil) and also weight loss products (because they contain so many toxins, and leave our bodies without what it needs.) Also the people behind this company, are new business owners, in integrity (from what I have been told.)

The Different 10 Day Transformation Products

There are two transformations that I would like to recommend for now (as my personal trainer, my students and I have tried and tested these.)

  • 10 Day transformation: ideal for the results mentioned above.
  • Athletes transformation: ideal for the results mentioned above, but has less of a weight loss focus and is more about building lean muscle, muscle recovery, burning fat.

These are easier and far better than known detoxes or systems. Which leave you h-angry, cause muscle loss or stuff your body with processed materials of which the ingredients you can’t even recognize. Worse yet, they don’t permanently yield. They don’t cause mastery of your habits at all, and are far from herbal. 😉 As an NLP Trainer, I prefer to focus on results and putting good things into my brain and body. I don’t want to feel resistance by just being a “good girl”, I just naturally love feeling great. That’s what this does, it makes me feel great.

If you already made up your mind. Just order here:

This article was written in 2015, and since then the product has been made available on Amazon.

Order your transformation here.

What Does the 10 Day Transformation Contain?

As my coaching students are all over the world I set up 2 distribution channels one through the USA (Purium), and one in Europe (Platinum.) The products are pretty much the same, just marketed under a different label.

The 10 day transformation typically contains:

Power Shake / meal replacement, Hippokrates Power : Rich in vitamins and total nutrition. Full of superfoods to burn fat, build muscle, support glucose levels, and curb cravings!

Super Amino23/MAP, Master Amino Acid Pattern® : These are 100% vegetarian and pre-digested protein pills. They assist with muscle strength, endurance, recovery and muscle volume! minimizes body fat, and keeps tissues firm. MAP has been featured in the Physician`s Desk Reference.

Apothe-Cherry: From tart cherries, natures most nutrient dense fruit, and only known natural source of melatonin (helps promote sleep). May help support healthy joints, metabolism, and even help or reverse aging.

Cracked Cell Chlorella: An amazing superfood and natures richest source of chlorophyll. This may promote a natural detox and cleanse process, break down heavy metals in your body, decrease plaque inside your arteries and regulate cholesterol.

Super Lytes or Ionic Elements: Mineral drops, or pills, for athletes or anyone in need of hydration or minerals. These liquid minerals are high in magnesium and other electrolytes (popular sport drinks have 2 electrolytes, this has 70!). These may also prevent mineral deficiencies and increase alkalinity.

Super CleanseR or Black Walnut Pills: these products are unique combinations of superfoods and herbs which will help you detox and cleanse your body to get rid of some parasites.

Special shaker bottle, gym bag and tape measure.


You can order your 10 day transformation here.

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