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10 Tips to ignite your goals!


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I am invited to be part of a webinar hosted by Ozioma of Burnbright! Ozioma is an inspirational leader whom I very much admire. The topic? “Ignite Your Goals with NLP!” As a personal development and goal-set junkie, I was inspired to write a blog post with some tips.

Goal setting tools

I believe that success lies in being consistent in your actions towards your goals. But it is also necessary to know how to how to set them effectively. Most goal setting tools people “try” to use are from the business environment, like setting SMART goals. The problem with this type of goal setting is that they don’t operate on a deeper level. And ultimately, this sets most people up for failure. Failure is feedback; most people just need better ways to go about it. In NLP we have a different process for goal setting, and this is called Well Formed Outcomes. Also, there are a host of tools in NLP that will help navigate fears, limiting beliefs, not knowing the exact steps towards your goals, etc.

How do you effectively reach your goals?

1. Achieving success is simple. Though, I am not saying it is easy. It comes down to effectively setting your goals from the start. Investing in personal development is key!

2. Success in reaching your goals lies in commitment and consistency.

3. What you focus on, you get more of. By connecting to your outcomes as a priority, you get goal success.

4. If you aren’t laughed at, or met in disbelief by some people, you haven’t set a big enough goal for yourself.

5. If you aren’t at least a little scared, your goal isn’t big enough. Commitment requires you to be brave!

6. Failure is feedback.

7. Your goals are required to be inline with your personal evolution, and the direction in which you are headed.

8. You need to know exactly what you will see, hear and feel the moment you reach your goal. How exactly will your goal impact you and others?

9. You really need to know on a deep level, as to “why” you are setting a goal. This is not as simple as “I want to have this amazing company helping other people.” But more like “by reaching this goal, I will be able to lead a life that matters.”

10. Making excuses takes the power away from your goal and gives that power towards those things you are excusing.


Book: The Masterplan Method: The Secret to Achieving Success, Reaching Goals, and Realizing Dream – Ozioma Egwuonwu

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How are you igniting your goals.

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