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3 NLP inspired goals

NLP inspired goals

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What NLP inspired goals could you set? I was asked by a former student if I had any creative ideas.

Setting NLP inspired goals is a key part of achieving success in life. By setting goals, we can also break larger tasks into smaller achievable steps, making the road to success less daunting and more satisfying. 

3 NLP inspired goals

Improving your ability to ask questions

The goal: being able to ask questions like an expert interviewer. Who can make the unconscious conscious? And get everything on the table (clearly) without resulting in medieval torture. Bonus!

It helps if you turn this exercise into a game, like a challenge to give yourself!
Nothing can be more NLP inspired than using the meta-model!
When you talk to someone else, only use the following five questions:

1. Who, specifically?

2. What, specifically?

3. How, specifically?

4. When someone uses all or nothing statements, you repeat the statement. For example: Always? No one? Never? Every time?

5. When someone uses the words think, feel, believe, about someone else’s experience, you ask: “How do you know this person thinks/feels/believes that, did they tell you?”

Hero’s journey

The goal: Gaining a positive outlook on life at this moment.
I want to throw a little science at you with this goal, proven to cultivate hope and resilience. Who doesn’t like some of that!

I recommend doing this exercise once a month.

1. You can do it as a writing exercise, or

2. Walk and reflect, or

3. Tell this story to someone else.

First, step into the shoes of your future self, when life is better, achieved something grand, or just gained a lot more happiness and peace, when you will be a hero.

From this space, tell the story of your past self, and how you became a hero despite the of it all. If you have trained in NLP Practitioner training with me in recent years, look up your notes and follow the actual steps of the “hero’s journey.” You will find it in the NLP Milton Model section.

Using the first and third perceptual positions to reach a new goal

The Goal: Do this visualization daily.

The first perceptual position: being in your shoes, looking through your own eyes, experiencing something in the minds-eye as real. You would see what you would see, hear what you would hear, and feel what you would feel.
The third perceptual position: looking at yourself from a place of non-emotion, a place of logic, an excellent place to learn or strategize without emotions getting in the way.

Step 1: Watch a movie of yourself (3rd perceptual position) from today all the way up to the moment when you reach your goal. Watch yourself going through each individual step.

Step 2: Rewind the movie.

Step 3: Watch the movie again from the third perceptual position, but improve your ability to complete each step. As if you have completed all the steps in reality once before.

Step 4: At the end, when you have reached the goal, step into that you (1st perceptual position). Make this as real as possible, as if you have already completed the goal and are reaping the benefits.

Good luck with all of this! Any idea which one you will pick?
What is an NLP inspired goal that you can come up with?



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